Tuned in Citadium

Holding continual and scheduled sessions with the taskforce is one of the wise acts of brand development team of Citadium in order to achieve the operational goals and popularity of Citadium chain shopping centers which is considered as the missing link of construction and mall management. These weekly sessions are held in The One Iranian central office and constructors, investors, development managers, mall management team and design and architecture team are present at the sessions to discuss quality improvements in different sections of service and construction and strategies to achieve brand goals and to advance the implementation process.

Below are some of the discussed issues in the sessions:

It has been decided that the net leasable area of stores should be decreased and the total shared area should be increased due to the design of leisure and social spaces for families, by mall management team. The management team of the complex has valuable experience in international shopping center management and therefore is familiar with the demands of market. These extensive experiences enable the team to present constructive ideas related to the projects. The One market research team categorizes social-cultural issues of cities within which Citadium chain shopping centers are built. All the suggestions to the design team are provided with the aim to add to the complementary tenant mix of commercial space aligned with strategies of Citadium brand.

In these sessions concurrent with procedure of the project, contractors share their issues and problems and through collective wisdom of the group, they reach a consensus according to technical opinions of the experts. Also, in order to improve the quality of construction and security, (fire extinguishing, earthquake retrofitting, etc.) consultants outside the group are preparing reports according to each city’s specifics.

Due to the importance of Hyperstar as an anchor, it is mandatory that its managers be present in these weekly meetings. Presence of Hyperstar managers is important because of its wide area and its role in the first phase of the project. They are able to report construction process and physical development and also to share the technical-engineering issues. These comments help design the tenant mix since Hyperstar plays an important role in increasing footfall.

While successful international cases show that sales and development of units should be in progress while the construction phase is still running, in many shopping centers, this issue is postponed until after the construction. Professional management in Citadium brand development team has devised a plan to carefully manage the sales process since the brand was defined and the construction phase started.

The One Iranian, creator of Citadium brand, a brand with the promise to create a good sense and modern experience of shopping hand in hand with leisure and a fresh atmosphere for families in big cities, has taken the role of development management. It is the first time in the country that a chain of shopping malls is created with integrated management.

The main investor group is Bouka holding under which Mihan Co. renowned brand is active. Also Echelle group as the mall management team with 10 years of valuable international experience has been assisting the development team as a consultant since the beginning of the project.