Signing the Draft Contract for Hyperstar’s Presence in Rasht Citadium, A new step towards tourist attraction in Rasht

In midwinter 2019, the draft contract for hyperstar’s presence has been signed.

Carrefour chain brand which is known as Hyperstar in Iran and is run under the management of MAF Pars, has 12300 branches in different locations and is considered one of the most renowned brands for hypermarkets in Iran. What differentiates Carrefour from other similar brands is integrated management, vast presence in many locations and high variety of products. Rasht Citadium as one of the largest shopping malls in Rasht and the close cities, is designed with an anchor-based approach. Therefore, the presence of Hyperstar as one of the most credible global supermarket brands will increase footfall and cause the feeling of safety and attraction for families. The One Iranian as the development manager for Citadium chain shopping malls plans to gather credible brands from all over the country in a strategic location in Rasht. Hence all the standards for presence of these global brands are met in order to provide a unique experience for visitors.