Steaming Progress in Urmia Citadium in the cold days of Winter 2019

Urmia Citadium which is the biggest commercial project in western regions of the country is being executed in 2 phases and despite the cold, the process of building phase 1 is heated and its ongoing according to the plans.

So far 70% of the first phase has been completed and right now the project is in finishing phase. Parking lots are under construction so that the parking service would be available as long as Hyperstar opens in the first phase. As a chain mall, Citadium is building 10 branches all over Iran. Since families are the main target market for Citadium, extreme efforts are put into creating a place that all family members of all age can enjoy and have a unique experience. With a modern and minimal style, Citadium has been able to encompass the needs of all ages and represent itself as a symbol of the importance of family. Presence of national and international brands as well as Hyperstar as the main anchor in the first phase of the project is one of the main advantages of the project. Bouka Holding, one of the most credible holdings in Iran which is the owner of many renowned brands such as Mihan Dairy Co. is the main investor of Urmia Citadium project.

The One Iranian has partnered with Citadium since day one and is responsible for brand creation and commercial development all over the country. Conducting extensive market research, finding the best location for Citadium in different cities of Iran and positioning the brand are some of the activities that The One Iranian has performed since before the construction. Development management of the malls is also one of the main responsibilities of The One Iranian.