The unrepeatable investment opportunity in the housing market

Rozet residential towers have brought about a different opportunity for investment in the secondary real estate market (pre-sale market of the housing). Despite the increased cost of development of real estate in the new year, this project provides not only the possibility of investing in proper prices, but also through flexible payment term. Rozet residential towers are the largest development project in the District 5 of Tehran. Suitable accessibility and location are of the important features of these towers. This 13-floor project is located on an area of 10732 square meters, includes 364 residential units, a pilot floor and 5 basement floors. The eye-catching architecture of the towers, designed by Farzad Daliri's team, along with convenient amenities and services, has made Rozet a luxurious and unique collection. The One Iranian, which has been cooperating as an exclusive marketing and sales consultant for Rozet residential towers since 2016, provides clever strategies in the field of optimal pricing and flexible payment terms through studying different pricing models and analyzing the project position. Flexible and perfect sales contract provide a distinct occasion to invest in the housing market. Due to the scarcity of pre-sale cases in the current turbulent real estate market, ones who are looking for an appropriate and unrepeatable opportunity to invest in and pre-purchase housing can contact us through 09123864444.