What is happening in the markets of Isfahan?

The One Iranian Company as the first real estate developing  company for real estates in Iran, sent its market research team to the historical and beautiful city of Isfahan to present the results of opportunity studies to the contractor.

Market research is an important and inseparable part of marketing.

Market research is a strategic part of opportunity study projects in The One Iranian Company. The One’s market research team consisting of experts in various parts of real estate industry, does its researches according to the awareness of existing situation, evaluating the market’s demand, psychological characteristics of target group in the market, analysis of prices in the market and also comprehensively detecting rivals in the related fields.

The One Iranian Company provides its researches in two sections:

  1. Analyzing the information about market and customers
  2. Analyzing the rivals’ behavior in the market and presenting it to the contractor as a supportive document for suggested scenarios and the key to success.

Isfahan is the third biggest city in Iran, and the third most populated one after Tehran and Mashhad. Isfahan metropolis, as a city that has rich history and culture, has the potentiality of hosting events in different scales, from local to international ones. This city can use the opportunity of holding events in order to attract tourists, develop the economic status of city and its social and cultural status. Doing research about the market of Isfahan metropolis with an approach of distinguishing commercial centers and hubs, rows of shops, existing and under-construction shopping centers, is the newest achievement of The One Company. A significant point of this part is updating the prices, and new constructions in market researches that gives a comprehensive insight on conditions and effective factors in the market to the experts of scenario creators. After gathering the information from the viewpoint of experts of marketing and analyzing it, in case of any requirement for a better understanding of customer’s behavior, The One Iranian will do surveys and several deep interviews with clients and experts. One of the most noteworthy measures in this section of studies is analyzing the data through new and updated methods.