Predicting and creating unique opportunities by research team of The One Iranian

The One Iranian Company as the developer and marketing consultant in the real estate industry, has the responsibility of opportunity studies of the well-known tower of Millennium (the third millennium) located in the 6th district of Tehran.

Opportunity studies are a part of strategic planning for businesses and it should be done before producing a new product or offering a service, so that one can evaluate the market for making more possible profit and the income earned by such business. Predicting the demand for a product or a service which is ready to enter the market is a significant factor which will be examined in opportunity studies.

The One Iranian Company is the only professional developer in the field of real estates that by relying on its deep knowledge of sales and marketing and through conducting precise and comprehensive researches, presents effective solutions regarding the issue.

By doing opportunity studies in a short period of time, The One Iranian Company gives the investors the opportunity to opt for the best possible choices considering the abilities and limitations of the contractor’s group and existing conditions in the market of real estate due to updated knowledge and the experience of the consultant team in years.

in the opportunity study, The One Iranian Company consults its taskmasters about the identity of their project, and defining the best possible uses for the project. It also provides a clear perspective on the best way to finance considering knowledge-based financial analysis which befits to the current economic conditions in the best time to sell or transfer to the customers. Finally, it provides the project need for marketing tools, branding and sales in the form of opportunity study packages.

The Millennium Tower, or the third millennium, is one of the tallest towers in Tehran, with a height of more than 100 meters. It is located in Sheikh Bahayi street, and has a vast view of 6th district of Tehran. The 64-floors Millennium Tower is located on a 25,200-square-meter sector with an area of 1,23,000 square meters.

Opportunity studies are presented through field studies and library process in the form of comprehensive reports considering all the affairs that inform the employer about the conditions and status of the project and the area. This initial awareness of the project's employers gives The One team’s consultants and specialists the opportunity to evaluate all of the proposed scenarios. The market research team of The One Iranian Company consider a detailed insight on the region 6 and the study area according to its work process in the field of opportunity study. Examining all uses of administrative, commercial, residential, and recreational, as well as multi-purpose facilities, identifying competitors and examining merits and demerits, along with evaluating their benefits, and determining up-to-date prices of facilities in the region is all the services which is provided by the market research team.

Social and cultural features, analysis of demographic characteristics and the texture of the region and traffic studies at the regional level are in the program of the The One marketing (Bazaar) Research Team.

District 6, is located approximately in the center of Tehran, thereby due to its location and proximity to the old center of the city, it was affected by the actions taken in the first Pahlavi period regarding the development of Tehran. It Gradually, became an active center when the location of the city center transferred to the north and northwest, from 1940s. The mastermind of the government, the decision-making system, the public administration, as well as the engine of Tehran's new business-economic system have been established in District Six of Tehran.

Another functions of this team is to prepare a questionnaire of office facilities and concepts of administrative centers. This action has been taken for the first time by The One Iranian Company with the aim of becoming more familiar with the prefrences of all the people who are dealing with spaces and offices in Tehran. The questions of this questionnaire have been compiled in two series according to the population of managers and office owners, as well as employees. It has been sent to 100 high-ranking managers and 200 employees from various organizations of the private and public sectors. The purpose of this questionnaire is to review the opinions of business owners and managers about work offices and all the facilities used in these offices in order to improve the concept of work offices.