Citameet, The first food hall in the west of country at the Urmia Citadium


By the first phase of Citadium’s opening, Citadium’s food hall in Urmia called “Citameet” would starts its activity.

In the first phase of developing Citadium Commercial-Recreational Center in Urmia, Citameet is designed in an area of 1027 square meters with an integrated management. Different types of national and international foods will be served in this complex.

Operational management of Citameet, as the first unparalleled food hall in the west of the country, is given to the brand of “Raftari”. Raftari Group is one of the most famous and popular brands of chain kebab restaurants in Tehran. This reputable brand, with the experience of more than a century (since 1910) in managing restaurants and having multiple branches in Tehran, has continued developing its brand by establishing commercial centers, food courts and food halls. After successful experience of operational management in Tehran’s commercial centers such as Baamland, Raftari Group, has taken over the management of Citameet (Citadium’s food hall).

In accordance with The One Iranian’s strategies, as the creator of Citadium brand, special place for eating and drinking (F&B) do not have to be separated or placed in a specific floor, but today, the best developing strategy in shopping centers is combining shopping with recreation along with meeting the standards of designing and construction in order increase the vitality of social life. Inviting famous and creditable brands of retailing market and also proper arrangement of shops next to the Citameet Complex and Hyperstar Daily Shopping Center in the first phase of developing Citadium has made the complex an unbeatable commercial center in the province.

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