stop by the Azadi Innovation Factory; a new place to create innovative ideas

Members of The One Iranian company visited the Azadi Innovation Factory.The One Iranian, a consultant for building development and branding, as the first marketing and sales engineering company of the construction industry has always been working to transfer new ideas of construction concepts. Especially in recent years its performance toward the creation of new spaces in office towers is of paramount importance.

One of the good things that is happening recently is the creation of innovation factories to support and promote startups. Innovation plants are gathering places for start-ups, and their required and associated services are provided there. Innovation is going to nurture in the factory environment and new solutions are being proposed to solve the existing problems.

Azadi Innovation Factory has been set up with the idea of building the largest infrastructure for servicing startups in an area of 18,500 square meters in the west of Tehran. Azadi Innovation Factory is an abandoned electrode manufacturing plant that has been rebuilt by the government and invested by the private sector to commence startups.

Engineer Bashir Anisi, CEO of The One Iranian Company and former Secretary of the Entrepreneurship Center, together with Engineer Pejman Tayyar, CEO of Echelle Company, consultants and elites of the real estate market, visited Azadi Innovation Factory which is a new platform for nurturing new ideas. By conducting many studies in the field of offices and office buildings, The One Iranian Company has organized this visit with the aim of providing advice as well as transferring new ideas and visiting the practical examples of these concepts. Communication with the one who has new and creative ideas and concepts in Iran will lead us to gain more knowledge; hence, give better advice and guidance to employers in the field of building new office spaces.

Today, companies are moving away from the old and common layout and style of offices and are looking forward to a new generation of them. In terms of spatial arrangement, Azadi Innovation Factory, with wider spaces than the old spaces of offices, has been able to provide an environment for innovators so that startup teams have more common spaces and through this they can work together and Share ideas as a team. Open spaces contribute creativity and innovation; thus, it causes employees to work faster and more efficiently. Experts believe that if you want to share knowledge on a large scale, you have to break down the physical boundaries of collaboration. Nowadays, through this concept, recent and up-to-date work offices have become energetic, informal and transparent places, and they have gone through the period of rigid environments with strict boundaries for individuals, groups and information. Today, the division of offices into employee rooms, managers' rooms, meeting rooms, etc. in many parts of the world is considered to be an almost completely inefficient concept.