The commencement of the first stage of the campaign of notices of Urmia Citadium project

After holding several meetings, the field surveys and following getting insights from the experiences of experts, the working group of Urmia Citadium Advertising Campaign of the One Iranian company, the strategic consultant for the development, marketing and sale of Urmia Citadium project, has started the first step of the campaign of notices of Urmia Citadium project.

The campaign began in early August (Mordad), coinciding with the countdown to the opening of the first phase of Urmia Citadium, which will be attended by Hyperstar as Iran's most reputable retail brand. This step of the campaign is aimed at introducing the Citadium brand, as well as expressing the special features of this commercial recreational chains on social medias and in specialized and local magazines and newspapers. After receiving the feedback, and evaluating the various dimensions of the first phase of the campaign, the next step will continue with the environmental advertising in the city of Urmia, while continuing to work on with the advertising tools of the first phase.


of Urmia Project The first and largest commercial and recreational center in western Iran with an area of 53,500 square meters in 2 phases is being built in Urmia on the Saadi 2 St. The first phase of this project will be inaugurated in November 2019 with the presence of Hyperstar brand.