Urmia from the perspective of The One Iranian Company's market research team

The One Iranian Company's market research team went to Urmia in order to study and get to know the market and the audience of the magnificent Citadium project in detail. City of Urmia is the tenth most populous city in Iran and the second most populous city in the northwestern region of Iran, located in the province of West Azerbaijan.

Marketing research is the process that connects an organization to its target market through the collection of information. Information from market research, along with the experience and knowledge of strategic managers lead them to choose the right decisions. Marketing research is the first step in getting to know buyers, analyzing competitors and regulating customer's demand.

As the first marketing and sales engineering company in the construction industry of Iran, The One Iranian Company has provided valuable and significant services in the field of opportunity studies, market research and branding of construction projects. Having a professional and experienced marketing team of The One Iranian is a guarantee for success in all projects. Extensive and accurate market research process in Urmia city has been done initially through studying and collecting the information from upper level documents and urban plans, city history, social, cultural, economic and political dimensions and then detailed and comprehensive field studies.

The Citadium chain of shopping centers is being built with the aim of creating a good feeling, and a modern and fresh experience of shopping with fun, along with the opportunity for families to be present in a lively space in the big cities of Iran. The first branch of this complex is located in Urmia.

In the process of market research in Urmia city, the identification of commercial rows (streets), the study of the price of residential commercial facilities of the main neighborhoods and streets of the city, the detection of recreational and tourist places, the type of culture and customs of the city and their livelihood have been considered. The expert market research team of The One Iranian Company has always tried to find the important indicators of the supply and demand market in order to prosper and optimize the Citadium project collection by recognizing the competitors and the level of popularity of each one in the city.