Start of the operation of Urmia Citadium Project Information office


As the opening period of the first phase of the project approaches and the opening of Hyperstar, the Urmia Citadium Information Office will start operating from the beginning of August (mordad) this year(2019).

The One Iranian Company, as a strategic consultant of the development of the Urmia Citadium project, will be ready at the project information office to introduce the project to the honored clients. Dear Urmia residents, business owners, retail brands, investors, students and those who are interested in obtaining more information about this project and Citadium brand can attend the Urmia Citadium Information Office in order to get familiar closely with  the physical progress, information and Schedule related projects. Also, due to the start of the advertising campaign of Urmia Citadium from the beginning of August (Mordad) of this year, a major part of this campaign will be followed up through the management and implementation of The One Iranian Company through this office.

Urmia Citadium Project with 193625 square meters of total built-up area is designed and is under construction in two phases. The first phase of the project will include a hypermarket with the presence of Hyperstar and all its support units, as well as a row of shops. The built-up area of this phase is 33776 square meters. The second phase also includes a six-floor commercial building with a parking lot design. The built-up area of the second phase is 159849 square meters.

The information office of the Citadium recreational-commercial project is located on Saadi St. 2, first of Tarighat Street, next to the Citadium project.

 for furture information, watch the video bellow!