Citadium advocates the Iranian national volleyball team

The first unveiling of the Citadium brand logo, to the sweetness of the Iranian volleyball team!

Urmia, the cradle of Iranian volleyball will host the third week of the 2019 World Volleyball League's tournament with the participation of 4 teams from Iran, Russia, Poland and Canada. These days, the  volleyball friendly people of Urmia have enthusiastically welcomed these competitions, and the atmosphere of volleyball is spread every where at the city of Urmia. As the creator of the brand and marketing and sales agent of Urmia Citadium recreational-Commercial Complex,in the first step of implementing the marketing campaign of this collection, along with the passionate people of Urmia, The One Iranian Company has supported the national volleyball team. This is the first time that the Citadium brand logo has been released to the public, and the display of the Citadium logo on the background of the performance of the proud Iranian volleyball players is the launch and official unveiling of this brand. While wishing success to your tall Iranian national volleyball team, The One Iranian Company wishes happy moments for the honorable families of Urmia.