The first promotional teaser of Urmia Citadium supports self-made parkour teams


Citadium brings the messages of excitement and joy for families

The first promotional teaser of Urmia Citadium was released with the support of a self-made parkour team. In this video, the symbols and attractions of Urmia are displayed more passionately than ever.

The One Iranian Company, a strategic consultant for Citadium development and marketing pursues creative advertising and partisan marketing programs as in the previous routine of the Urmia Citadium advertising campaign. This time, as well as the sponsorship of the World Volleyball League matches and the sponsorship of the Chi Chest Festival, family, vitality and happiness have been the most important factors in the implementation of the Citadium advertising campaign. Also, in line with the social affairs of this collection, the making of this video has been done with the support of an energetic group that has followed Parkour with its efforts and with the least facilities. The video is currently being broadcast on all Citadium communication, advertising channels and social medias.

Watch this video from Aparat website.