Opening of the 20th branch of HyperStar in the first phase of Urmia Citadium


The twentieth branch of Hyperstar, located in the first phase of Urmia Citadium, started operating on June 11, 2020 with the presence of senior managers of Hyperstar and urban officials of Urmia.

Based on the latest principles in the world and regarding the insights on the layout of guilds, the Citadium development team has provided the necessary facilities and standards for the presence of the best retail brands, and decided to open its first phase in the last days of 1398 (march 2020). However, due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country, it decided to postpone the opening of the Citadium considering health protocols.

One of the most important features of the development of the first phase of Urmia Citadium is the presence of an anchor store, in which Hyperstar, which is one of the most popular retail brands in Iran, has been selected as the anchor of the first phase. After crossing the Corona Peak, Hyperstar opened its 20th branch considering health protocols.

As expected, the opening day of Hyperstar was met with an unparalleled public response, with many reporters and investors discussing the features of the first and second phases of the Citadium Commercial-Recreational Center with the center's operative managers.

The first phase of the center will be inaugurated soon with the presence of other reputable indigenous and international brands.

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