New members of the Citadium family start working!


Famous and well-known brands of Mashhad leather and Prima Plus started their activities in Urmia Commercial-recreational Center one month after the presence of the first Hyperstar in the Citadium project in the west of the country. Considering the challenges ahead in recent months, we have fulfilled our promise of the opening of this center on-time. Considering all of the problems caused by Corona virus where working requires special arrangements, The One Iranian Company, Marketing and Sales Consultant and Development Manager of Citadium Chain Shopping Centers, has tried to manage the conditions, and gather the best brands together in Citadium in order to ensure the high quality of products and the encouragement of Citadium customers. Also, in the current situation, in order to respect each other's health and adapt to the conditions of the society, Urmia Citadium does not consider an opening program to start the brands activities due to the prevention of the high risk of crowds.

Prima Plus Cafe, the first ice cream cafe of Prima brand in all of Iran, started its activity in July of this year in Urmia Citadium commercial and recreational center. This brand is a subset of Mihan factories and has been introduced to the market in recent years. Mihan is one of the largest producers of ice cream and dairy products in Iran. Ice cream of this brand was selected among the top 10 brands along with world famous ice cream brands in 2016 in Forbes International Magazine. Prima has recently created the Primaplus brand, a brand that was present in shopping malls before Urmia Citadium and has been widely welcomed. Respecting your taste, Prima Plus allows you to choose the ice cream base, ice cream topping and topping ingredients yourself and create your favorite custom ice cream.

Mashhad leather brand is one of the most prestigious leather brands in Iran, which was established in 1996 in the leather industrial town of Mashhad. This brand is one of the largest manufacturers of leather that produces and supplies a variety of leather goods, including clothing, bags and gloves, etc. with high quality and international standards. Mashhad Leather offers quality products in the markets of Iran and the world regarding an increase in the value and popularity of the company among customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders. Mashhad Leather is also benefiting from the experiences of the world's great designers and engineers in the coming year to take another positive step in order to update its products and factories.

The One Iranian Company, as a strategic consultant for the development, marketing and sales of the Urmia Citadium project, has not given up its efforts in the challenging days of Corona virus pandemic, and as a marketing and sales engineering company in the construction industry, always care about the projects under its management, and takes effective steps to create new spaces in the position of development and branding consultant. Urmia Citadium Recreation and Commercial Center area is of 53,500 square meters and a total area of 119,884 square meters and is defined in 2 phases. The first phase of this center has been inaugurated with the presence of Hyperstar retail store and other prominent brands, and the second phase is under construction.