The One Iranian turned 13 years old!

After more than a decade of successful activities in the real estate market, on the 13th anniversary of the establishment of The One Iranian family, we, as a family, gathered together to make memories again and celebrate the success of approaching the company's visions. The One Iranian Company started its' professional and international activity for the first time in 2006 in the fields such as market research, analysis the competitors in the market and strategic management associated with real estate market. Based on experiences such as asset management, risk reduction, marketing and sales engineering, as well as evaluating the potential of starting a business, after examining the country market and various services associated with the real estate industry, the way was paved ahead of The One Iranian company to continue its' activity, so in 2007 it was registered officially.

The founders of the company, with the cooperation of the best foreign and Iranian consultants (the best in each field) and accurate knowledge of the do's and don'ts, established The One Iranian as the first Development Solution company providing marketing and sales engineering services to construction industry activists in Iran. The One Iranian provide investor of construction industry novel solutions and services in order to manage properties and succeed in the current market, including initial investment studies, development of appropriate strategies to enter the market, opportunity and feasibility studies, market research, branding and pricing, marketing, and sales strategies, and it is the first company which defines up-to-date concepts such as "exclusive sales" and "opportunity studies" in the Iranian construction and real estate industry. providing these new and global services, the CEO of The One Iranian Company; Mr. Bashir Anisi Won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 4th academy of Bureau of Work and Social Services in the utility field of Sales and Marketing Engineering of construction industry and Nominated for the National Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

The One Iranian main goal is to pay attention to the consumer's perspective and provide up-to-date services in the field of real estate. the company's vision is to become an integral part of the country's construction industry, So that large projects in the field of construction industry cannot be done without a scientific approach to this field and a marketing and sales consultant.

By 6th of October, 2020, 13 years have passed since the first day of providing services by The One Iranian company. for another year, The One Iranian provided honest, professional, creative and unique services to its' customers. What distinguishes the company over the years is the integrity and the speed of providing the services. The One Iranian main approach is based on the slogan of Putting you first, and accordingly it gives value to its' customers and considers itself responsible for wasting properties of customers, and empowering them. The One Iranian valuable Assets is professional, creative, responsible and committed workforce that are like a family, and considers itself in all the successes and strives to maintain The One Iranian values.