Strategy and consultation in the heart of half the world (Isfahan)

The One Iranian has started specific meetings for marketing and sales of Isfahan Firoozeh Shopping mall in Tehran and Isfahan with the project employers. During these meetings, The One Iranian has provided development proposals, sales strategies, project positioning, branding and marketing proposals, etc. as a prelude to its key actions to the employer.

Firoozeh shopping mall is located in District 6 of Isfahan and at the beginning of Chahar Bagh Bala Street on a land with an area of 2357 square meters. The gross area of the project is 16.778 square meters and the total GBA is 7.133 square meters and the commercial area in this project is about 5.908 square meters. The project has 9 floors, the -4 to -2 floors are dedicated to parking, storage and facilities. The floor beyond the ground floor, first and second floors are commercial, food court is located on the third floor and the fourth floor is dedicated to the restaurant. The employer of this project is Zayandehrud Housing Investment Company, which has a brilliant history in the management of residential, commercial and administrative projects.

The One Iranian Company

The One Iranian Company provides employers with new and remarkable offers in each project in accordance with projects conditions and features. In Isfahan Firoozeh shopping mall, regarding the location of the project, review of development potentials, market conditions and other features of the project, The One offers unique advice for the best sale and management of the shopping mall. in case of agreements in the next steps, The One Iranian will be present alongside the project like a cohesive team.