Citadium brings the messages of excitement and joy for families

The first promotional teaser of Urmia Citadium was released with the support of a self-made parkour team. In this video, the symbols and attractions of Urmia are displayed more passionately than ever.

The One Iranian Company, a strategic consultant for Citadium development and marketing pursues creative advertising and partisan marketing programs as in the previous routine of the Urmia Citadium advertising campaign. This time, as well as the sponsorship of the World Volleyball League matches and the sponsorship of the Chi Chest Festival, family, vitality and happiness have been the most important factors in the implementation of the Citadium advertising campaign. Also, in line with the social affairs of this collection, the making of this video has been done with the support of an energetic group that has followed Parkour with its efforts and with the least facilities. The video is currently being broadcast on all Citadium communication, advertising channels and social medias.

Watch this video from Aparat website.


In line with the physical progress of the Urmia Citadium project, approaching the time of opening and operation of phase A of the project, and the need to plan and compile the conditions for handing over this phase of the project, the expert working group of Urmia Citadium Advertising Campaign started its activities in The One Iranian Company. In the first meeting of this working group, which was held in the presence of Mr. Bashir Anisi, CEO of The One Iranian Company and members of this working group. sharing thoughts and ideas about the content of Urmia Citadium Advertising Campaign was held through Delphi method with the aim of discovering creative and plausible ideas. At the beginning of the meeting, the CEO of The One Iranian Company paid attention to the goals of the construction team and the project operator, under the Citadium brand, including improving the business prosperity of Urmia city, respecting the rich culture of the people of Urmia and trying to create a commercial-recreational center for the people of this city from the beginning of the project, and emphasizing the need to preserve and show the high values of the people of Urmia in the content of the advertising campaign. From now on, you can follow the news related to the Citadium project and this working group from the The One Iranian Company website and the official website of the Citadium.


Urmia Citadium




through supervising and reviewing the studies carried out by the Development and Operation Management Department in order to determine the brands which should be present in F&B (eating and drinking) unit of the entertainment and commercial complex of Citadium, Raftari brand was determined as the manager of the food-hall.

Raftari group is one of the most famous brands of chain restaurants and one of the most popular kebab restaurants in Tehran. With more than a century of experience in managing restaurants and having several branches in Tehran, along with experience of successful management of the Bam Land shopping center’s food court in Tehran, Raftari group will develop its brand in the recreational-shopping complex of Citadium of Urmia.

Citadium is a place for gathering the best; it has invited the owners of the best Iranian brands to be present at the Urmia Citadium Shopping Center. The One Iranian Co, Strategic Development Consultant, along with Echelle Company, as the project operation manager, through holding specialized meetings, visits and negotiations with reputable brands in the food industry of shopping centers, agreed with the Raftari Group in order to manage the food-hall of Citadeium Complex.

Today, food courts (food-halls) have become an integral part of modern shopping malls and are essentially one of the strengths points and attractions of shopping and entertainment centers. It can be said that one of the main concerns of the builders of commercial complexes is to allocate large and spacious spaces to food courts in order to attract more people and create vitality. On the other hand, the term food-hall, which is used in some countries synonymously with food court, has confused constructors and investors.

Food-hall, like food court, has a common space, and even in some middle-east countries the two concepts are used interchangeably, but the nature of these two concepts is different, and here are some of these differences:

  1. Food courts are basically defined and predicted in shopping malls, but food-halls can develop anywhere, which means that a food court is not defined anywhere outside the mall, but the nature of the food-hall does not depend on the mall.
  2. Food-hall’s units are under an integrated management or ownership, while different brands can operate under separate management in food courts.
  3. Foods are served in local cuisine and are of high quality in food-halls, while food courts are often include branches of fast food chains.
  4. Only food sells in food courts, but raw materials, groceries and agricultural products are also sold alongside the local food in food-halls.

The starting point and initial activity of the Raftari chelokebab restaurant dates back to 1910 When restaurant management in Iran had not found its current meaning, and in the city of Tehran, there were not a lot of restaurants that could literally be called and identified as restaurants. Haj Ali Akbar Raftari (Nader Raftari's grandfather) opened the first branch of Chelokebab Raftari in the Vahdat-e-Islami Square inside the Ghavamo dowlleh Bazaar, to host and offer Iranian food to its customers. Haj Ali Akbar may not have noticed the current status of Raftari in the Iranian restaurant industry, but there is a common belief that all those who have managed this brand from the beginning to the present, believed in “providing the best service to all Customers and increasing development”, this belief has covered the thinking of the Raftari family and has brought gains for them every decade.

After a while, Chelokebab Raftari restaurant moved from the Vahdat-e-Islami Square to the Vahdat-e-Islami Street and worked there for 70 years. Attention to food hygiene in Raftari restaurant was that great which for the first time in Iran, customers' visiting of the kitchen before eating were considered their inalienable right. The kitchen in the dining hall was built in such a way that customers could easily visit it.

The great quality of Raftari’s food was such famous in Tehran that led to the development of Raftari restaurant. in 1975, with the efforts of Mahmoud Raftari (Iran's wrestling champion), major repairs were made in this place and it became a 4-floor building with 1560 square meters of infrastructure Where 50 workers were employed. Meanwhile, with the death of Haj Ali Akbar Raftari, the management of this brand was transferred to his children Haj Abolghasem Raftari and Haj Mahmoud Raftari. The turning point of the Raftari restaurant occurs when Nader Raftari returns to Iran from the United Kingdom with the aim of developing and strengthening          the Raftari Chelokebab restaurant in 1985. He starts his work from the initial point as a restaurant waiter, to become proficient in the business of restaurant management. According to him, this could be one of the most important reasons for the success of anyone who wants to enter the restaurant industry. Currently, Raftari Chelokebab restaurant is a popular brand among the people of Iran. Regarding success of this brand's branches in Tehran such as Vahdat-e-eslami Branch (Shapoor), Saadatabad, Dowlat, Enghelab, Bamland and Darvazeh Tehran , the Raftari brand group is trying to develop its brand in other cities of Iran by maintaining high food quality, and even outside of Iran in its future plans. Given the long history and brilliant experience in the market, this group has been present in shopping malls as an operator of F&B industry in order to develop the Raftari brand. The first appearance of a Raftari group in shopping malls as an operator of a food court complex was on the Bam Land shopping center of Tehran.

The One Iranian company through opportunities and value engineering studies of this project is responsible as the strategic consultant for project development. According to the strategies proposed by this company, market studies in order to find about preferences and the types of behavior in Urmia, comprehensive and accurate studies of successful shopping centers in the world and equipping the Citadium complex with international standards, and the simultaneous consultation with the operating management, the F&B collection as food-hall concept will be operational under the management of the Raftari brand in phase A.


Citadium advocates the Iranian national volleyball team

The first unveiling of the Citadium brand logo, to the sweetness of the Iranian volleyball team!

Urmia, the cradle of Iranian volleyball will host the third week of the 2019 World Volleyball League's tournament with the participation of 4 teams from Iran, Russia, Poland and Canada. These days, the  volleyball friendly people of Urmia have enthusiastically welcomed these competitions, and the atmosphere of volleyball is spread every where at the city of Urmia. As the creator of the brand and marketing and sales agent of Urmia Citadium recreational-Commercial Complex,in the first step of implementing the marketing campaign of this collection, along with the passionate people of Urmia, The One Iranian Company has supported the national volleyball team. This is the first time that the Citadium brand logo has been released to the public, and the display of the Citadium logo on the background of the performance of the proud Iranian volleyball players is the launch and official unveiling of this brand. While wishing success to your tall Iranian national volleyball team, The One Iranian Company wishes happy moments for the honorable families of Urmia.


As the opening period of the first phase of the project approaches and the opening of Hyperstar, the Urmia Citadium Information Office will start operating from the beginning of August (mordad) this year(2019).

The One Iranian Company, as a strategic consultant of the development of the Urmia Citadium project, will be ready at the project information office to introduce the project to the honored clients. Dear Urmia residents, business owners, retail brands, investors, students and those who are interested in obtaining more information about this project and Citadium brand can attend the Urmia Citadium Information Office in order to get familiar closely with  the physical progress, information and Schedule related projects. Also, due to the start of the advertising campaign of Urmia Citadium from the beginning of August (Mordad) of this year, a major part of this campaign will be followed up through the management and implementation of The One Iranian Company through this office.

Urmia Citadium Project with 193625 square meters of total built-up area is designed and is under construction in two phases. The first phase of the project will include a hypermarket with the presence of Hyperstar and all its support units, as well as a row of shops. The built-up area of this phase is 33776 square meters. The second phase also includes a six-floor commercial building with a parking lot design. The built-up area of the second phase is 159849 square meters.

The information office of the Citadium recreational-commercial project is located on Saadi St. 2, first of Tarighat Street, next to the Citadium project.

 for furture information, watch the video bellow!


Tehran Entrepreneurship Board Meeting with the presence of Mr. Mohammad Emami Amin, Deputy Governor of Tehran Economic Affairs Coordination (as Chairman of the Board), Ms. Rezaei, Director General of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare of Tehran Province (as Secretary of the Board), and some representatives of the executive organs of Tehran province were held at the Tehran governor's office.

In the election that was held to appoint the new chairman and secretary of Tehran Entrepreneurship Center, Mr. Amir Hossein Shaghaghi (CEO of Shirin Novin Company) was selected for 2 years as the chairman and Mr. Majid Sayari (CEO of Mahan Higher Education Institute) as the secretary of the association Entrepreneurship in Tehran province.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Majid Sayari, former head of the Entrepreneurship Center of Tehran Province, presented a report of the previous performance of the center to the members and the audience. In the following, on behalf of Dr. Mohseni Bandpei, honored Governor of Tehran, through some verdicts by Dr. Emami Amin, Deputy Governor of Tehran Economic Affairs Coordination and Chairman of the Board of the mentioned Center, Mr. Bashir Anisi, former Secretary of the Center, and Mr. Majid Sayyary, former head of the center, were acclaimed, and the sentences of the elected members of the next 2 years were granted to them.

Engineer Bashir Anisi, CEO of The One Iranian Company and former secretary of the Entrepreneurship Center, while congratulating the elected leaders of the new period of the Entrepreneurship Center, said: Today, a heavy burden was lifted from my shoulders, with the full pride and joy, this responsibility was handed over to my dear friend Dr. Majid Sayari through the election of the Board of the Center. I am very happy that a capable and patient human being with exemplary honorable character who has the responsibility of a bigger and higher position in the country as the president and secretary of the National Entrepreneurs Association, has accepted this responsibility as the secretary of Tehran province, and with the majority of votes of the members of the Board of the Center were elected for this position.

Also, the selection of my dear friend and brother Mr. Amir Hossein Shaghaghi, the top entrepreneur and owner of Shirin Novin brand, as the head of the Entrepreneurs Association shows the achievement of the desires of the collection and the progress and fruition of planned programs in order to achieve the high goals of the center. I wish him and the other honored members of the association more and more success.

It is a great honor for me to see the results of more than 2 years of my continuous efforts and my colleagues in the Entrepreneurship Working Group with the fruition of these seedlings, and the establishment of the Entrepreneurs Association. We hope to see the growth of entrepreneurial spirit in the context of this center in our beloved country.




 in the hope of a prosperous Iran with the efforts of each Iranian



The One Iranian Company's market research team went to Urmia in order to study and get to know the market and the audience of the magnificent Citadium project in detail. City of Urmia is the tenth most populous city in Iran and the second most populous city in the northwestern region of Iran, located in the province of West Azerbaijan.

Marketing research is the process that connects an organization to its target market through the collection of information. Information from market research, along with the experience and knowledge of strategic managers lead them to choose the right decisions. Marketing research is the first step in getting to know buyers, analyzing competitors and regulating customer's demand.

As the first marketing and sales engineering company in the construction industry of Iran, The One Iranian Company has provided valuable and significant services in the field of opportunity studies, market research and branding of construction projects. Having a professional and experienced marketing team of The One Iranian is a guarantee for success in all projects. Extensive and accurate market research process in Urmia city has been done initially through studying and collecting the information from upper level documents and urban plans, city history, social, cultural, economic and political dimensions and then detailed and comprehensive field studies.

The Citadium chain of shopping centers is being built with the aim of creating a good feeling, and a modern and fresh experience of shopping with fun, along with the opportunity for families to be present in a lively space in the big cities of Iran. The first branch of this complex is located in Urmia.

In the process of market research in Urmia city, the identification of commercial rows (streets), the study of the price of residential commercial facilities of the main neighborhoods and streets of the city, the detection of recreational and tourist places, the type of culture and customs of the city and their livelihood have been considered. The expert market research team of The One Iranian Company has always tried to find the important indicators of the supply and demand market in order to prosper and optimize the Citadium project collection by recognizing the competitors and the level of popularity of each one in the city.





After holding several meetings, the field surveys and following getting insights from the experiences of experts, the working group of Urmia Citadium Advertising Campaign of the One Iranian company, the strategic consultant for the development, marketing and sale of Urmia Citadium project, has started the first step of the campaign of notices of Urmia Citadium project.

The campaign began in early August (Mordad), coinciding with the countdown to the opening of the first phase of Urmia Citadium, which will be attended by Hyperstar as Iran's most reputable retail brand. This step of the campaign is aimed at introducing the Citadium brand, as well as expressing the special features of this commercial recreational chains on social medias and in specialized and local magazines and newspapers. After receiving the feedback, and evaluating the various dimensions of the first phase of the campaign, the next step will continue with the environmental advertising in the city of Urmia, while continuing to work on with the advertising tools of the first phase.


of Urmia Project The first and largest commercial and recreational center in western Iran with an area of 53,500 square meters in 2 phases is being built in Urmia on the Saadi 2 St. The first phase of this project will be inaugurated in November 2019 with the presence of Hyperstar brand.
The final interior design of the Citadium of Rasht



After holding weekly symposiums on the Rasht Citadium project for 3 months and considering the results of surveys on capitation and lack of urban facilities requirements, market research and field studies, extensive interviews with different groups and different ages, Anthropological studies of Rasht city with the aim of recognizing the desires and taste of the natives of the region, the final design of the interior space of Citadium of Rasht was selected among the 3 proposed projects and its implementation was put on the agenda.

The initial design of the Citadium of Rasht was initially developed in collaboration with an international architectural company, but with the aim of building the Citadium as a shopping center based on the  the region and the local people status, as well as satisfying them by meeting their needs and urban shortages. The project development team decided to continue the design and architecture work of the project with a reputable and well-known team; hence, cooperation with Ben Sar Company under the supervision of Engineer Mohammad Majidi began. During this period of cooperation, and after expert's examinations of  3 proposed projects, the final plan was selected that in which, in addition to commercial and recreational units, a major part of the space was dedicated to cultural and sports units such as cinema, theater, equipped galleries, gyms, Therapeutic and health center. Also, for the first time in Iran, the concept of simulating the space of traditional markets of Gilan was considered in a commercial complex. The purpose of this project is to revive the region's indigenous traditions and cultures, along with distributing, baking recipes and offering local products on a daily basis.