Active attendance of Citadium in local festivals of Urmia

Following the activities of the advertising campaign of the Urmia's Citadium Project and in order to introduce the Citadium brand, the Citadium 's Parkourkaran team, with an enthusiastic performance at the Iran Zamin Summer Festival in the coastal village of Chi Chest, Urmia, celebrated happy and memorable moments with Urmia families. Due to its social responsibility, Citadium participated in the festival with the special support of an energetic and self-made Parkour team. This program, which was welcomed by the visitors of this festival, has been done with the aim of acquainting the audience with the commercial and recreational complex of Citadium of Urmia .

According to the policies set by the expert  group of Advertising Campaign of the Citadium of Urmia  which considers the creative advertising and partisan marketing programs, The One Iranian company, strategic consultant of development and marketing of Citadium project, organized the second propaganda program of this complex along  with the enthusiastic people of Urmia like the first program of unveiling the Citadium brand in the World Volleyball League, Hosted by Urmia. This exciting program was held at the festival, which introduced the local customs and handicrafts of West Azerbaijan, with the enthusiastic and cheerful people of Urmia. So far, the expert team of the Urmia Advertising Campaign has organized all the advertising programs of the Citadium with the focus on the family. The working group believes that the family is the citadium's main audience, and paying attention to the well-being of families, traditions and rich culture of the people of Urmia are the most important priority of this campaign; therefore, no advertising program which focus on leasing the units has been pursued.



jeans West at the Urmia Citadium Family

On September 18,2018 a cooperation agreement was signed between Jeans west and commercial and recreational center of Citadium of Urmia. This agreement was made following the memorandum of the lease of commercial units of Urmia Citadium Shopping Center in July 2018. Jeans west, one of the reputable clothing brands, after evaluating the feasibility of attending the city of Urmia and examining the quality of the Citadium project of Urmia, has started its cooperation in Phase A of the development of the Citadium. Jeans west is a retailer in the fashion and clothing sector with Casual style, which started its first activities in Iran in 2008 and now it is considered as one of the most popular clothing brands in Iran with 31 branches throughout Iran.

Commercial recreational Complex of Citadium of Urmia will be developed and operated on a land with an area of 53,500 square meters in two phases A and B. The first phase of this complex will be inaugurated in the fall of 1398 (2018) with the presence of Hyper star brand. As a strategic consultant for the development and marketing of this complex, The One Iranian Company has always cooperated with the best construction industries. Cooperation with Echelle Company, an expert company in the field of operation, as the management of Citadium's operation, acknowledge this. Also, the high standards of international scope of the project, and the desire of reputable brands such as Hyper star and Jeans west to be in the Citadium confirm the high capacity of this project.






Members of The One Iranian company visited the Azadi Innovation Factory.The One Iranian, a consultant for building development and branding, as the first marketing and sales engineering company of the construction industry has always been working to transfer new ideas of construction concepts. Especially in recent years its performance toward the creation of new spaces in office towers is of paramount importance.

One of the good things that is happening recently is the creation of innovation factories to support and promote startups. Innovation plants are gathering places for start-ups, and their required and associated services are provided there. Innovation is going to nurture in the factory environment and new solutions are being proposed to solve the existing problems.

Azadi Innovation Factory has been set up with the idea of building the largest infrastructure for servicing startups in an area of 18,500 square meters in the west of Tehran. Azadi Innovation Factory is an abandoned electrode manufacturing plant that has been rebuilt by the government and invested by the private sector to commence startups.

Engineer Bashir Anisi, CEO of The One Iranian Company and former Secretary of the Entrepreneurship Center, together with Engineer Pejman Tayyar, CEO of Echelle Company, consultants and elites of the real estate market, visited Azadi Innovation Factory which is a new platform for nurturing new ideas. By conducting many studies in the field of offices and office buildings, The One Iranian Company has organized this visit with the aim of providing advice as well as transferring new ideas and visiting the practical examples of these concepts. Communication with the one who has new and creative ideas and concepts in Iran will lead us to gain more knowledge; hence, give better advice and guidance to employers in the field of building new office spaces.

Today, companies are moving away from the old and common layout and style of offices and are looking forward to a new generation of them. In terms of spatial arrangement, Azadi Innovation Factory, with wider spaces than the old spaces of offices, has been able to provide an environment for innovators so that startup teams have more common spaces and through this they can work together and Share ideas as a team. Open spaces contribute creativity and innovation; thus, it causes employees to work faster and more efficiently. Experts believe that if you want to share knowledge on a large scale, you have to break down the physical boundaries of collaboration. Nowadays, through this concept, recent and up-to-date work offices have become energetic, informal and transparent places, and they have gone through the period of rigid environments with strict boundaries for individuals, groups and information. Today, the division of offices into employee rooms, managers' rooms, meeting rooms, etc. in many parts of the world is considered to be an almost completely inefficient concept.






The One Iranian Company will unveil its new idea at the Citadium of Rasht as the director of development of the luxury project of Citadium's chain shopping malls through the meetings of the professionals working group in order to improve the quality of the Citadium brand. For the first time in Iran, the concept of simulating the space of traditional markets of Gilan was considered in a commercial complex. The purpose of this project is to revive the region's indigenous traditions and cultures, along with distributing, cooking and offering local products on a daily basis.

One of the smart steps taken by the Citadium brand development management team is to hold regular professional working group meetings in order to accelerate reaching the operational goals of enhancing the popularity of Citadium's chain shopping centers, which are currently seems as a missing link in the construction and operation of under construction shopping malls.  The One Iranian Company, as the Rasht Citadium Project Development Management Team, with its continuous efforts of over a year, has taken a big step toward development of construction and design of the Citadium Shopping Center in lots of fields including implementation, design, creation of new concepts, nurturing new ideas and considering international standards in successful shopping centers around the world.

Initially, The One Iranian Company had entrusted the Concept of design and architecture of the Rasht Citadium Recreational and Commercial Shopping Center project to the YAP International Group (YAP). The Greek group of architecture and urban planning Yorgos Andreadis and Partners has been working in the field of design and architecture since 1992. The company has been active in various fields such as huge residential projects, commercial buildings, urban space design and office towers, etc. in Greece, Paris, the United Arab Emirates, etc. So far, it has won awards in a variety of fields including manufacturing technology, design innovation, architectural studies, and so on. The One Iranian Company cooperates with this company for many years due to the high capability of YAP in designing buildings, office, entertainment and commercial complexes according to modern world standards, paying attention to the infrastructure of modern and successful shopping centers in the world, recognizing commonalities and interconnected facilities. According to the results of market studies, in which the expert team and market research experts of The One Company evaluate the interest of the people of Rasht, the required facilities of the inhabitant and tourists, and the shortcomings in some socio-cultural Facilities. Following the review of the obtained information and the holding of several working group meetings with the team of architects and experts of Citadium Group along with the development management of The One Iranian Company, in addition to adding a cinema complex to the Rasht Citadium recreational Commercial Complex, an innovative concept called ETHNIC HALL was created. This concept is designed by regarding the traditional market complex of Rasht, and its atmosphere in a modern format in accordance with the expectations of the new generations and tourists, and also paying attention to international standards. From the perspective of Rasht Citadium Development Team, paying attention to the daily life culture of the people of Rasht regarding local bazaars, vendors of organic products from neighbor villages, the aroma of fresh ingredients such as fresh local vegetable market, fishmongers, variety of colors, beautiful accents of the people of the north of Iran, and considering an environment which is suitable for the traditions and customs of Rasht city has been necessary in a modern complex.

Ethnic hall is a space where the audience can buy local food made of fresh products in the restaurant and cafes of this collection, and also buy fresh and organic raw materials with high quality. In this collection, customers can watch the attractive process of preparing their food from the stage of selecting fresh and organic ingredients to serving food, along with the exciting step of watching cuisines of local professional chefs. This is a creative idea that can also be fun for the customers.

Traditional markets in northern Iran have a long history. In the past, in areas where there were a number of villages, at certain times, a bazaar was held permanently, weekly or daily in each of these villages. The villagers brought their goods for sale, and they bought other stuff which they need from others. There have been many developments in recent decades that have affected the way people live, buy and sell, but traditional northern markets have maintained their prosperity and credibility, and have always attracted the attention of residents of these cities as well as others and the tourists. It is unlikely that anyone will travel to the northern cities of Iran but visit the traditional and local markets. These bazaars have a very interesting atmosphere that cannot be seen in the markets of other regions of the country. These traditional and indigenous markets are so spectacular and unique that they can be considered as one of the attractions of these areas.

The traditional bazaars of northern Iran are like a large exhibition to trading, buying and selling local products and handicrafts of the villagers. Indigenous products of the villagers usually include agricultural products; thus, when agriculture is booming, the proportion of goods offered in the markets will be more varied. Each of the traditional and local markets has its own customs and rules that are rooted in the cultural and religious habits and beliefs of the people of that area. These markets are held permanently, weekly, and seasonally, and the reason for distinguishing these markets from the central markets of Iran is the type of goods that are produced by the villagers themselves with the best and highest quality raw materials, and owing to eliminate brokers and intermediaries, they are available to customers at a reasonable price.

The Rasht Citadium project is located on a land area of 51,306 square meters. This modern 4-floor shopping center with a total infrastructure of about 110,000 square meters has been designed by YAP Architectural Consulting Group, one of the most famous European commercial designers, in collaboration with Bon Sar Design Consultant under the supervision of Engineer Majidi, one of the most famous and best Iranian architects. Adherence to strict design standards for a shopping center is one of the unique features of Citadium, which will definitely attract a large group of audience.


Mashhad leather and Prima Plus joined the Citadium family in Urmia. The arrangement of guilds (stores) is one of the most important parts of accreditation to shopping centers, and it also guarantees the success of these centers. Choosing the right brand and placing them next to each other is one of the most important tasks of operation management in Citadium Shopping Center, which aims to bring the shopping center's environment closer to the tastes and desires of its audience.

Since the arrangement of different stores and the selection of brands in successful shopping centers around the world is of special importance today, the presence of an experienced and professional company to operate shopping centers from the very first step of Citadium project development has caused that Brands were selected through careful and intelligent monitoring of operation management among the applicant brands which wanted to be present at citadium. Echelle, as a company with 10 years of unique and international experience, has cooperated with the development management team since the beginning of the project.

Citadium is an environment for gathering the best. It has invited the owners of the best Iranian brands to attend the Urmia Citadium Shopping Center. following the meetings and negotiations with the presence of the project development management and the project management along with the development-oriented view of senior managers of the complex, Mashhad leather clothing brand and Prima Plus brand will be present at Urmia Citadium. Different shopping malls may have different combinations, which are due to anthropological studies, shopping center development goals, project location and status, and consumer behavior. Different market trends should be considered at different time intervals, and if this issue is ignored, the shopping center may not to be welcomed.

Mashhad Leather Brand, one of the most reputable leather brands in the country, was established in 1996 in Mashhad Leather Industrial Town with the aim of promoting the added value of leather and leather products, creating employment in the country, direct supply of all leather products and exports. All kinds of clothes, bags and gloves are being developed every day with the employment of 1,013 workers.

According to a study of the status of shopping malls, the F&B section (Food and Beverage) has become part of the latest trend. As the citadium

Prima Plus brand is one of the subsets of ice cream products of Mihan factories, which has been marketed in recent years. In 2016, Mihan Ice Cream ranked tenth in Forbes International Magazine, the world's most prestigious economic magazine, along with world-renowned ice cream brands. Prima brand has recently introduced a new concept for shopping malls called Prima Plus. One of the most exciting foods which people may want while shopping is ice cream, and Prima Plus creates colorful and exciting scenes in the minds of the audience by showing the loyalty in the process of producing and decorating ice creams. Also, considering all the tastes in choosing different flavors and colors in shopping malls, this concept invites customers to order their favorite ice cream with fun; so, customers are waiting in long queues to buy this ice cream. In three stages, buyers can prepare their favorite desired ice cream and watch the production process. The first step is to choose the main wooden base of the ice cream, the next step is the ice cream cover, and the last step is to choose from three exciting topping models. The first appearance of Prima Plus brand in Kourosh Shopping Center in Tehran has been met with an unparalleled welcome.




The One Iranian Marketing professional team started the first Campaign of Citadium with the approach of introducing the brand of Citadium and informing the brand's identity.

The first step of this campaign, following the establishment of the market research team in Urmia, was a Delphi meeting for brainstorming, which was held by the members of the marketing team at The One Iranian Company as the Citadium Project Development Management. Delphi is one of the specialized methods for sharing and exchanging ideas. After data collection, through this group work The One Iranian Marketing Expert Team examined all the road networks, types of spaces, connections and advertising tools through determining marketing strategies which are needed for this campaign and identifying the target community. According to a common category, information networks are categorized in to two parts, ATL and BTL, which means public and broad communication and direct and specific communication with the audience. According to professional marketing experts in The One Iranian's Marketing Group, we think BTL advertising tools could include online advertising or social media, event and conference hosting, rental and sponsorship, and ultimately direct marketing, and ATL tools could comprise print media and environmental advertising. The marketing team of The One Iranian Company is always trying to offer the best options to the employer by examining all the tools in detail and comprehensively, considering the knowledge of the market, target groups, accurate identification of socio-economic and cultural dimensions of Urmia city and the planned budget.

The first official launch of the Urmia Citadium logo was through sponsorship of the World Volleyball Games, and it was held successfully among the fans of the volleyball team and the people of Urmia and Ardabil.

The production of effective and practical content on social networks, the announcement of important events and contents in the field of brand identification, and strengthening the creation of a positive view in the minds of the audience and the people of Urmia have been among the efficiency of this campaign.

Another important action of the marketing team was participating in the grape festival, one of the most prestigious seasonal festivals in Urmia, in order to get to know more about the people of Urmia. Among all the proposed programs, the performance of the sport of parkour was considered for this program due to its vibrancy and excitement. Due to the coincidence of the Grape Festival with the mourning days of Muharram, the festival was canceled and instead, the Summer Festival was held from August 17 August 24, 2019 in the coastal village of Chi Chest in order to use the last summer’s day opportunities to hold a social-family ceremony.

With the aim of identifying the brand and the initial display of the Citadium logo, the first release of the billboards with the design of the expert group of designers and graphics under the supervision of the marketing team, was performed in September. For the first time, the city was filled with the happy and exciting colors of the Citadium, and recorded beautiful scenes and images in people's minds.

Collaboration and participation in the Golden Trade (Tejarat Talayi )Magazine and Website To introduce the Citadium brand among activists in the relevant fields, was chosen as an effective step  to create a bond with different brands and activists in the field of construction and management of shopping centers in this campaign. In this regard, Citadium was presented in Aghri magazine, a political, social, cultural, economic and sports magazine, which is one of the most popular publications in West and East Azarbaijan province.

Another action of the Citadium's marketing team has been to provide promotional gifts for business and organization managers.

The marketing team tried to introduce and identify the Citadium brand and also the general goals and characteristics of the brand through holding the first stage of the Urmia Citadium Campaign and it was caused to generate a lot of feedback such as asking questions about the function of the mall, how it differs from other shopping malls, and its advantages over competitors.





Principles for empathy with flooded compatriots

The One Iranian Company has tried to play a small role in empathizing with the flooded compatriots by selling the book "Principles" in favor of the flood victims.

"Principles" written by Ray Dalio, Amazon's best-selling book in the field of organizational culture, was translated and published in April 2009 with the support of The One Iranian Company and with the aim of promoting organizational culture. The Campaign of selling this book in favor of flood victims began on 3 May on the World Book Day.

Since the flood caused many problems to many of our dear compatriots in the new year and also the elimination of the damages caused by the flood and the improvement of the situation of different cities of our country needs the support and help of the people, The One Iranian Company joins the flood protection campaign. Those who wished to join the charity plan paid the book’s fee to the Red Crescent Society and The One Iranian Company sent the book to them. It is hoped that the campaign be taken a small step in this charity.

Citadium Supporter of culture and art lovers in Rasht



By holding of specialized committees and meetings of brand managers, the addition of a new floor with cultural and artistic use was on the agenda of the builders of the Rasht City Citadium. With doing field studies and extensive interviews of different demographic groups and ages, recognizing as “Anthropological Studies” by market research team, the interest of the residents of this city in art, especially in the cinema and theater has been obtained.

 Studies in terms of per capita and lack of urban land uses had important results, which were discussed in the meetings of the specialized working group with the presence of Citadium brand managers. The Rasht Citadium Project Development Management Team has structurally included the addition of a new floor in its development plan, but in terms of implementation, this issue had been postponed to the next time to obtain the market research results of the expert team of Citadium Market Studies.

In these meetings, with the presence of the beneficiary team in the field of coordination and presentation of the results of various meetings with the operators of cinema and theater halls, the new floor of Citadium succeeded in obtaining approval from the brand management. The One Iranian Company is in charge of Citadium Complex development management and Echelle Company is in charge of project utilization management.

On the new floor, with the use of cultural and artistic art, several sections, including cinemas, theaters, well-equipped galleries, as well as consideration of sufficient parking space for ease of use by art enthusiasts, have been considered.

Rasht Citadium in this cultural and artistic complex intends to provide a wide range of services and facilities to art lovers, to be a suitable platform for the high position of art in the region.

The cultural and artistic complex on the new floor of Citadium presents the new Black Box concept for the first time in the theaters of the region.

The Rasht Citadium Project considered as a subset of Citadium Chain Trading Centers with the aim of establishing commercial centers with standards and high and international service levels in major cities of Iran, that  has been designed in a unique location at the beginning of the Rasht-Anzali road, and now is under construction.

The pleasure of being family members together  has always been one of the goals of Citadium’s brand, which is the main focus of its concept, and providing a happy and entertaining atmosphere to achieve this goal in order to meet the needs of families.



Reputable brands visit from Urmia Citadium project


 On Tuesday, March 12, a number of reputable brands in the field of clothing, bags and shoes, decoration and home appliances, restaurants and food services visited the Urmia Citadium project. The visit was designed to provide an introduction to the project and the possibility and conditions for the participation in this collection to provide the presence of credible brands in the U.S.

At the moment Citadium chain shopping malls have been set up to date by 10 branches throughout Iran. Citadium is steadfast in focus and is aimed at providing a family environment in which all members of the family experience shopping with happy moments alongside each other. With its modern and minimalist style, Citadium has been able to accommodate all the needs and needs of individuals of all ages, so as to be present in different cities of Iran, a symbol for emphasizing the concept of family. The presence of prestigious domestic and foreign brands as well as the presence of Hyperstar as the main anchor in the first phase of the project can be considered as one of the most important strengths and weaknesses of the complex. Visiting reputable brands of this project allows audience familiarity with the features of this project and its competitive advantages.

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