Urmia Citadium which is the biggest commercial project in western regions of the country is being executed in 2 phases and despite the cold, the process of building phase 1 is heated and its ongoing according to the plans.

So far 70% of the first phase has been completed and right now the project is in finishing phase. Parking lots are under construction so that the parking service would be available as long as Hyperstar opens in the first phase. As a chain mall, Citadium is building 10 branches all over Iran. Since families are the main target market for Citadium, extreme efforts are put into creating a place that all family members of all age can enjoy and have a unique experience. With a modern and minimal style, Citadium has been able to encompass the needs of all ages and represent itself as a symbol of the importance of family. Presence of national and international brands as well as Hyperstar as the main anchor in the first phase of the project is one of the main advantages of the project. Bouka Holding, one of the most credible holdings in Iran which is the owner of many renowned brands such as Mihan Dairy Co. is the main investor of Urmia Citadium project.

The One Iranian has partnered with Citadium since day one and is responsible for brand creation and commercial development all over the country. Conducting extensive market research, finding the best location for Citadium in different cities of Iran and positioning the brand are some of the activities that The One Iranian has performed since before the construction. Development management of the malls is also one of the main responsibilities of The One Iranian.




In midwinter 2019, the draft contract for hyperstar’s presence has been signed.

Carrefour chain brand which is known as Hyperstar in Iran and is run under the management of MAF Pars, has 12300 branches in different locations and is considered one of the most renowned brands for hypermarkets in Iran. What differentiates Carrefour from other similar brands is integrated management, vast presence in many locations and high variety of products. Rasht Citadium as one of the largest shopping malls in Rasht and the close cities, is designed with an anchor-based approach. Therefore, the presence of Hyperstar as one of the most credible global supermarket brands will increase footfall and cause the feeling of safety and attraction for families. The One Iranian as the development manager for Citadium chain shopping malls plans to gather credible brands from all over the country in a strategic location in Rasht. Hence all the standards for presence of these global brands are met in order to provide a unique experience for visitors. 


Tuned in Citadium

Holding continual and scheduled sessions with the taskforce is one of the wise acts of brand development team of Citadium in order to achieve the operational goals and popularity of Citadium chain shopping centers which is considered as the missing link of construction and mall management. These weekly sessions are held in The One Iranian central office and constructors, investors, development managers, mall management team and design and architecture team are present at the sessions to discuss quality improvements in different sections of service and construction and strategies to achieve brand goals and to advance the implementation process.

Below are some of the discussed issues in the sessions:

It has been decided that the net leasable area of stores should be decreased and the total shared area should be increased due to the design of leisure and social spaces for families, by mall management team. The management team of the complex has valuable experience in international shopping center management and therefore is familiar with the demands of market. These extensive experiences enable the team to present constructive ideas related to the projects. The One market research team categorizes social-cultural issues of cities within which Citadium chain shopping centers are built. All the suggestions to the design team are provided with the aim to add to the complementary tenant mix of commercial space aligned with strategies of Citadium brand.

In these sessions concurrent with procedure of the project, contractors share their issues and problems and through collective wisdom of the group, they reach a consensus according to technical opinions of the experts. Also, in order to improve the quality of construction and security, (fire extinguishing, earthquake retrofitting, etc.) consultants outside the group are preparing reports according to each city’s specifics.

Due to the importance of Hyperstar as an anchor, it is mandatory that its managers be present in these weekly meetings. Presence of Hyperstar managers is important because of its wide area and its role in the first phase of the project. They are able to report construction process and physical development and also to share the technical-engineering issues. These comments help design the tenant mix since Hyperstar plays an important role in increasing footfall.

While successful international cases show that sales and development of units should be in progress while the construction phase is still running, in many shopping centers, this issue is postponed until after the construction. Professional management in Citadium brand development team has devised a plan to carefully manage the sales process since the brand was defined and the construction phase started.

The One Iranian, creator of Citadium brand, a brand with the promise to create a good sense and modern experience of shopping hand in hand with leisure and a fresh atmosphere for families in big cities, has taken the role of development management. It is the first time in the country that a chain of shopping malls is created with integrated management.

The main investor group is Bouka holding under which Mihan Co. renowned brand is active. Also Echelle group as the mall management team with 10 years of valuable international experience has been assisting the development team as a consultant since the beginning of the project.



Countdown at Rozet

The magnificent and unique complex of Rozet Residential Towers is at countdown to sell its last units at last days of autumn. While there are still a few units available for sales, the information office is open for selling and resell services to owners and active applicants.
Rahab Sakht Mahan is the investor and operator of this project. It is one of the most valid employers in the construction industry with efficient experience of building more than 2 million square meters of residential, office and industrial complexes. It also has the valuable experience of investment and execution of approximately 200/000 square meters of commercial-residential projects as well as clinics and medical buildings. Rahab Sakht is a subsidiary of Bouka Holding; under which Mihan Co. and Tabiat Group are active.
This project is designed by Farzad Daliri, renowned architecture; and the construction design is done by Dr. Mohammad Legzian. Rozet is located in the greenest area of district 5 with a 360-degree view.
The One Iranian as the exclusive consultant of marketing and sales for Rozet garden towers has started its activities since mid-1396. During this time, policies and conditions of sales were planned according to the time table provided by the employer. The effect of economic situation was noted in order to create the best condition for buyers. The most important qualities of this project for buyers and even to be introduced by; are employer’s special credibility, facilities and features of the tower and the location with access to Bakeri and Hemmat highways and main road. The process of professional sales for this project is completed through defining various pricing strategies, payment conditions and choosing the most effective marketing channels considering the project’s specifics.
Peculiar identity and points of differentiation of this project are mirrored in various features, from modern architectural design to its facilities. It’s known to everyone involved in the real estate industry that today’s buyers need more than just good construction, map and materials. They need more than tangible products, but worthy services. Services that help secure families’ comfort and peace.
The other valuable feature of this project is the maintenance guarantee and support services for five years with written guarantee from Dana Insurance Co.. In addition, having the comfort and peace of residents in mind, a 20-year contract has been signed for property management of the building.



Market Study and opportunity study of Sparow tower is now one of the research and study projects of The One Iranian.

The One Iranian as the first marketing, sales and investment consultancy firm in construction industry with its efficient experience in qualitative studies, market research, opportunity study and feasibility study has started its collaboration regarding Sparow Commercial-Office Opportunity Study project with Pars Sazeh, one of the biggest and most credible construction complexes in Iran.  Sparow is a tower located in Rasht city center at the intersection of Saadi avenue and Moalem boulevard. Known as the city’s highest tower in the future, Sparow tower is located next to historical-cultural context of Shahrdari square.

Through extensive studies of commercial, office, residential and service projects in Rasht, The One research team has completed market study of this project. Alongside with deep knowledge of construction industry and real estate in Rasht, The One team has carefully analyzed the culture, customs and behaviors of customers and potential target markets of the project. Studying of prominent concepts, design standards and management techniques in related fields and studying successful national and international cases are other parts of this project. Defining concepts adherent of the employer’s tact and style, market demands and with highest economic justification are all results of the team’s effort to provide its service at the highest quality.


With your support, we’ve come to our final steps.

As summer is ending, “Rozet” is once again announced in Hamshari paper. Latest displays of media advertising campaign for Rozet Residential Towers which were closed in last September, were again planned and executed. Due to over targeting our sales and also market’s status, there was a couple of months stop in the sales of units. There was one remaining phase of marketing campaign for this project, therefore on Monday September 10th 2018, A few number of units were announced for people who are willing to invest in trustable real estate markets.

Rozet Residential Complex consists of two 14-stories towers in district 5 Tehran which is being constructed by one of the most credible constructors Rahab Sakht Mahan, one of the subsidiaries of Bouka Holding. District 5 of Tehran is the most popular district in the field of real estates with unique welfare and service facilities, huge green space per capita and great access to Hemmat and Bakeri highways as well as main streets. The active construction site in this complex is what makes Rozet different from other construction sites nearby. With Farzad Daliri’s unique design, Rozet has 360 degree of landscape to Tehran and is planned to bring comfort and quiet to its residents.

Other advantages of this project are the 5 year written guarantee of Dana Insurance Co. for maintenance and support. Alongside with a long term concern of peace and comfort for residents, a 20-year contract has been signed for property management.

The One Iranian as the first executer of marketing engineering and sales in the country is the exclusive broker of sales for this project.


On Sunday September 9th 2018, the contract of partnership and presence of Hyperstar (Carrefour) in Citadium Urmia was signed among these two great parties.

Mihan Dairy Co. was the host of Hyperstar (MAF Pars) in its own complex. This meeting was conducted with visit of 3 factories: Mihan, Panda and Dairy City and also the central warehouse. Executives of The One Iranian as developer of Citadium alongside with managers of Echelle as the mall management team for Citadium chain stores attended this meeting. At the end of the meeting the contract for Hyperstar’s presence in Citadium Urmia was signed by executives from Bouka Holding, Mr. Paidari and Mr. Mirghani as the main investors of Citadium project and Mr. Thierry, executive from Carrefour.

Hyperstar which is the Carrefour brand from France and is currently one of the most successful brands in the world and has been popular by focusing on special services, high variety of products, integrated management and unique quality of products, is one of the most popular shopping centers. The presence of this brand in Citadium Urmia is one of the most important advantages of this complex.

The One Iranian as development manager of Citadium has chosen the most strategic location for Citadium as a mean to bridge the gap between the greatest designers and brands and real estate industry. Alongside with Echelle, The One Iranian has gathered all the standards and needs for presence of Carrefour in Citadium Urmia.

Citadium is the greatest commercial project in the western regions of Iran, located in a field with 53500 square meters surface and has started its activities after switching brand from Rozet to Citadium at 2017. Its success will be guaranteed with the help of professional members of the team. Citadium project will be exploited in 2 phases and Hyperstar is exploited in phase A.


On Wednesday, July 18th 2018, the first memorandum of understanding for renting Citaduim shopping mall was signed. After feasibility studies for presence in Urmia and analyzing the qualitative features of Citadium Urmia project, Jeanswest as the first clothing brand has signed the memorandum of understanding to open its store in phase A of this project.

Citadium is the greatest commercial project in the western regions of Iran, located in a field with 53500 square meters and will be exploited in 2 separate phases. The first phase will be opened with Hyperstar’s presence in 2019. The One Iranian as the developer of this company has put all its efforts into working with the bests of industry; therefore the mall management of project has been assigned to Echelle. The presence on an expert company from the beginning, partnership with YAP international consultants and interest of these well-known companies to partner in this project are all validation to these projects’ high standards.



Citadium shopping and entertainment center as the only standard shopping mall in western regions of Iran has been the center of attention to top officials of Iran. In the past weeks the authorities of city council of Urmia and the mayor, Mr. Hazrat Pour in their separate visits have seen the progress of this project and the international standards this project is living up to. Citadium is the greatest commercial project in the western regions of Iran, located in a field with 53500 square meters surface and 194306 square meters built-up and will be exploited in 2 separate phases. This modern center is planned to be the first center of Citadium chain malls and will be an example of novel services and constructs in Iran.

The first phase will be opened with Hyperstar’s presence (as the most credible shopping center for daily needs) in 2019. Hyperstar will be appearing in the western regions of Iran for the first time in Citadium. Designing of this great project has been assigned to YAP international consultants. Living up to high standards of shopping malls such as vast shared areas, welfare and service facilities, convenient location and daily mall management are key features of this project.