The One Iranian hosted Iritali company

International activities of The One Iranian results in hosting the second big architecture and design of Italy in Iran.

Mr. Paolo Facchini, Charman of Lombardini 22, was in The One Iranian to have meeting about construction and real estate projects in Iran. In this meeting two companies described about their activities and Mr. Facchini showed his satisfaction about getting to know The One Iranian. He believed that the companies like The One Iranian that follow their activities by strategic planning from beginning to end are not a lot in the world. A general agreement was signed between two companies for future potential cooperation and The One hopes that this cooperation will lead to entering new concepts and technology of architecture into Iranian market. Mr. Anisi, The One CEO, believes that there are still not correct concepts about office and commercial project in Iran and our projects in these areas are far away from international standards but, working with qualified and experienced companies like Lombradini 22 can cause a great movement in our construction companies as the main outcome will be importing the knowledge.

Iritali is the name of a company who represents the Italian holdings activates in Iran that among a group of companies work as a holding, L22 is the one that works in design and architecture field. L22 is the second bog company in Italy in case of the area of constructed projects and the third one in Europe in this regard. Lombardini 22 is so famous and well-known in hospitality industry and designing famous hotels in Europe and also so experienced and avant-garde in designing commercial and workplace buildings.  

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Panaroma, hosting famous people

In the first days of sales office opening, Mr. Mehdi Rahmati and Amirali Danaee were the first special guests of Panaroma.

Mr. Mehdi Rahmati, the formerly goal-keeper of national football team of Iran and Mr. Danaee, young cinema actor, had a visit from Panaroma luxury towers. They believed that the perfect design of residential units and the payment plans have turned Panaroma into a special choice of investment.

Panaroma luxury towers as a unique project with all the needed services and facilities for a residential environment is under construction in region 5 of Tehran in a land of 10730 square meters. Rahab Sakht Mahan, one of Bouka holding’s subsidiaries, is the project manager and constructor. There are 182 units in Panaroma towers and the architect and designer is Mr. Farzad Daliri, one of the most famous Iranian architect.

The good location and accessibility, reliable investor and the facilities and services in these tower beside a good strategy of pricing and payment plan by The One Iranian have famed this project in the region.

Region 5 is the most thriving region of the city in case of construction and real estate contracts in Tehran and this is also counted as one of Panaroma advantages.



The One Iranian has finished the first cooperation project of producing advertisement materials with Teame Co.

Advertisement and marketing in social media play a very important role according to presenting the real estate projects to the potential clients to help them have the best choice of investment. This is even more considerable in residential pre-sales project as the buyers need to imagine where they are going to stay as a home and which services they will receive. So, The One Iranian had decided to provide digital advertisement and physical modeling in Panorama project’s marketing campaign. The One Iranian marketing team got to know Teame in Dubai Cityscape beside many more companies in this area and the market research could lead us to choose Teame company as one of the best in the region with a great experiment. The team faced a lot of problems in case of transferring data and information and checking all the process details but finally the project was finished in success and the project owner express his satisfaction about the quality and work concept.

Panorama including making the physical model, producing animations and 3D rendering was the first common project of Teame and The One Iranian. After this project Teame showed the interest for a long cooperation plan as The One Iranian could provide the advertisement scenarios, local data and all the arrangement in the best possible way.

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Panaroma, operating the concept of property management

The One Iranian, as the exclusive marketing and sales representative of Panaroma luxury towers, organized several meetings with Rahab Sakht Mahan, the constructor, about the subject of creating added value for the project. One of the most effective elements in this regard is property management and the guarantee about providing the best services for the residents. Despite the fact that professional property management is not very known in Iran, it is considered as an important topic in real estate industry all over the world and The One Iranian believes that it is the time to work on this concept in a serious way.

Mr. Anisi said that in our country a building brand is still comes from just the name of the architect and developer and we need to change this and match it with international standards. Nowadays branding in real estate industry origins from four routes: location, image, performance and services. From these four elements providing good services in a high-rise building play a considerable role. So, if a project needs to be successful must see this role in the first steps of the designing process to consider the necessary areas of service supporting.

The One Iranian determined the list of suitable services to the towers and described the property management plan proposal for a long-term efficient utilization of this project. By this plan, Rahab Sakht company will stay with the residents permanently as a manager to provide calmness and comfort for all the users. It is agreed in this meeting that Rahab will guarantee the towers for 5 years and the property management for 20 years is also promised.



The Construction operation of Shahriar mall that had stopped since last year is being restarted again by the efforts of The One Iranian for making the contract of processing the operation of building framework construction. On the first of July, the first load of steel framework material was delivered to the project. This load is the first part of a bigger contract of steel framework material of 4000 tones that The One made it as a bartering contract. Nazir Anisi, The One Iranian development manager, said that writing the contract of providing construction materials as a bartering agreement is a complicated process that needs a continuous tracking and experiment and we hope by eliminating administrative barriers, we can move the project constriction forward.

Panaroma, just close to be launched

Following the selection of The One Iranian as the exclusive marketing and sales consultant of Panaroma luxury towers, the marketing team sent the proposal of marketing, sales and pricing strategies to “Rahab Sakht Mahan”, the constructor and executive manager of the project. The developer manager of The One said that in case that our strategies will be accepted by the employer, Panaroma will be the most unique project of west Tehran because the concepts like sales services, customer services, property management and etc. will be followed professionally.

The proposal contains all the marketing and sales process, housing investment situation in boom and stagnation, market research on estimating housing market, studying the project and preparing RFI form, SWOT strategies, branding plans, customer analysis, pricing strategies and etc.

Panaroma towers are two 19-floor buildings that are designed by the famous architect, Farzad Daliri. Locating in the greenest region of Tehran, have a good accessibility, active construction workshop and defining perfect services are some project’s advantages.



For the second time, The One Iranian has partnered with a reputable international company in the field of development and location in their executive list.

One of business development strategy is franchise system which finding the best locations is critical in it. In choosing a location, an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the services to be provided and the recognition of the target customers of the recipient of those services is very important. Providing the right service at the right place for the right audience is a guarantee of business success. In this regard, multi-step measures are planned and implemented to find the appropriate response.

This time, The One Iranian was selected as the consultant for the development strategy of an international sports complex. In the course of this collaboration, The One started to identify development strategies.

Sports clubs specializing in gymnastics in Iran have very limited audience and according to studies, the penetration rate and attraction of their audience in Iran is only 2%. Several factors such as lack of financial ability, lack of sufficient time, lack of confidence in the presence of a sports space, etc. have caused these spaces to be limited to a limited range and not inclusive range of people. Other factors such as non-standard light, inadequate interior design and device layout, and lack of in-side training and lack of customer relationship management make users unrivaled in sport spaces.

In the same vein, and recognizing the difficulties in not expanding sport clubs, a credible international brand with a careful study of Iranian sports market, intends to enter this market. This sport brand plans to enter the sporting space of Iran with new solutions to all the problems that exist in developing bodybuilding clubs.

At the same time as developing and implementing the business model and framework for entry into the Iranian market by the sport brand, its senior executives co-operated with a real estate consulting firm that focuses on Iran's market, negotiation, marketing and locating methods and cognition. The respondents are deemed to have a full domination in this area. Developing development strategies in the real estate market in Iran requires the experience and knowledge of native experts. In this regard, the managers of this brand have chosen The One Iranian, the first marketing and sales company in the construction industry, among others as a development consultant. And the cooperation agreement between the two companies has been closed.

Previously, The One Iranian have been advising on the development and location finding of a credible international retail brand. The company's successful experience in market intelligence, the selection of development and location positions, and the exact location of the employer's needs, provide a great experience for the company in developing strategies for locating and recognizing the market.


One-time purchase in The One Iranian service package

Following a request from The One Iranian made by one of the most prestigious domestic knowledge firms to purchase a smart office building, extensive studies have been conducted to find the appropriate response to by The One’s research and development sector. For this purpose, information about all the administrative buildings with proper conditions in the area became under consideration and the necessary negotiations with the owners took place. Finally, the appropriate option was chosen and announced to the customer company, and with the satisfaction of one hundred percent purchase of a 24-unit office building was made simultaneously.

One-time shopping and selling is another part of The One Iranian services. Effective communication between the two sides of a one-to-one negotiation requires the proper mastery of both sides. Understanding the real estate market and knowing the needs of audiences is a factor in providing the right and comprehensive services in this area.

Today, large corporations need to focus on their own standards and needs in order to benefit from the focus of their business segments. Mentoring companies (Holding companies) are composed of different companies and departments that are interconnected and in need of high interaction, and therefore the presence of all these parts in a physical location so that it is possible to separate the parts of the property can be considered worthy of them. In addition, location is also relevant to the corporate identity. Locating in an area of the city commensurate with the company's field of work, having adequate access, taking into account arrangements for parking space, accessing urban services, communicating with other important organs, etc. are all the things that should be considered in choosing the right place.

By reviewing the experts in accordance with the requirements of the employer in terms of location specifications and general features of the building, as well as the availability of the services and facilities needed for an office building; The One Iranian was able to introduce the appropriate conditions and pricing correctly and buy the whole building at once.

Nazir Anisi, Development Manager of The One Iranians, provided a brief overview of the spectacular panoramic towers:

Panaroma residential towers in one of the most beautiful green areas in District 5 include two well-designed and impressive architectural towers that offer the most beautiful view to the city for its residents. This project:

Is a residential complex with 364 units, 13 floors and a pilot's floor, as well as 5 floors underground. The project is under construction at an area of about 10,000 square meters with an built-up area of about 65,000 square meters.

On each floor’s wing of Panaroma towers, there are 7 residential units by separate entrances, with an area of 85 to 170 m² (two and three bed rooms). The unit's size in each tower is structured in such a way that it can attract all tastes. The design of the units is also carried out in such a way that all units have a very wide field of view so that 360 degrees can be seen from the, which is why the illumination of all units is well understood, which is the reason for selecting the name “Panaroma”.

"Rahab Sakht Mahan Co." is an investor and executor of this project, with an effective track record in the construction of more than 2,000,000 square meters of residential, administrative and industrial complexes, as well as with the investment and implementation of about 200,000 square meters of commercial-residential and therapeutic projects under construction.

Panaroma towers now are under management of The One Iranian Company as an exclusive marketing and sales consultant.