Attending the 18th Celebration of Success

To celebrate 18 years of success on 8 October 2015 a ceremony was held in the Hall of Persian Gulf Power Research Institute. The ceremony was attended by 1,000 guests and art figures and The One Iranian was one of the corporate sponsors.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, a special exhibition of different business guilds were held and The One Iranian’s members introduced our services and abilities in marketing & sales engineering and also, two of our exclusive projects; Lexon and Atlas kish tower.

In these days we see many contractors doing anything to make up for their inability to meet their previously planned targets in their programs. This delay in the program will have negative impacts on the credibility of the project and mentality of their target market.

In this agitated market, Lexon project something else to say regarding this matter. With the help of greater power and also dedication and efforts of the partners of Tose’eh Abnieh this project is 2 weeks in advance of their preplanned schedule and is aiming to increase the trusts of its shareholders and owners of the project.


Once again Mr. Bashir Anisi, the young entrepreneur, attends a radio show. This program was somehow specific as Radio Javan had recorded it on the occasion of Sacred Defense Week named The Commander. In this program, the commanders of the sacred defense years were attended as referees and Top Rated students, inventors, young entrepreneurs and outstanding students of military colleges in the form of a three-member teams simulated different positions of the war.

Positive Energy Conference in Mashhad

The ceremony was held on 28 September 2015 in Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi, from 17:30 until 20:45 for the second time. The ceremony was held with attendance of 500 people for example Bank Saman chiefs, the president of the union of Mashhad real estate, famous investors and developers, some of hotels’ managers and etc.

The One Iranian was one of the main sponsors of the conference and introduced residential complex of Atlas Kish Tower and commercial- business project of Lexon that is the most exclusive project of region 22.


The successful history of The One Iranian in various projects resulted in contract of Shahriar Commercial – Leisure Project t. This great commercial project which is under construction and is contracted to Foolad Ehsan Ahvaz  is the first commercial center with exclusive facilities located in the center of the city.

Presence of famous hyper star brands in the lower floors of this complex, famous national and international clothing brands, multi nationality food court and theme parks are the highest attracting points of this vast complex over 100,000m2 square footage.


Let’s Smarten Up our Company

The third conference of Organizational Activation, which took great efforts and was organized by Mahan Institute, took place in Seda va Sima’s (Iranian Broadcasting) International Conference Centre and it included many of the distinguished scholars of the industry such as Pr. Ali Akbar Farhangi, Naser Mir. Sepasi, Pr. Mahmood Saatchi, Pr. Bijan Khoram, Mohammadreza Behrangi, Mohammad Ali Shafi-a, Dr. Majid Sayari, Ali Asghar Jahangiri, Dr. Saeed Saadat, Hamed Jamali, Hamidreza Khanpoor and Dr. Moosa-khani.  

In this event many distinguished scholars held lectures with subjects of activation and also in two specialized panels; the Lasting of Iran’s directors and noble entrepreneurs, with subject of Transferring the Experience of entrepreneurs, held a related questions and answers meeting. Also Mr. Anisi, The entrepreneur of the year 2009 in the Sales and Marketing sector of construction industry, was present in specialized panel of entrepreneurs

The first Meeting of Active Members of Construction Industry started with a lecture by Mr. Mohammad Salary (Chief of Architecture and Urban Planning Commission of Tehran’s Council Committee), Mr. Hessam Oghbayi (Head of Tehran’s Estate Agents’ Union) and Mr. Farhadi (Vice President of Architecture Department of City of Tehran) and also there were number of members of the congress of Tehran and Directors of Tehran’s council present. This meeting was held in Yas Kosar Conference Centre, placed in Tehran’s Council Office and it was financially sponsored by Grouh Tose – e va Omran Behsakht.

In this event, Mr. Anisi, CEO of The One Iranian, held a lecture with the subject of Marketing Services in utility related business (such as construction industry) and in this meeting, and in the presence of numerous members of estate agents of east side of Tehran and also number of active members of construction industry, issues and problems of this industry were discussed.


The One Iranian managed to win the race against 15 other sales engineering and market research companies. In the tender bid, which took place for the companies interested in execution of Hakim Twin Towers opportunity study project, various features of the applicants such as research strength, project execution team, previous experiences, programs and project execution plans were analyzed.

The Opportunity study’ (Feasibility Study and Business Plan) contract for Hakim Office – Commercial Building, with square footage of 145,000 m2 located on the junction of Hakim and Sheikh-Bahayi Highway, was signed on June 15, 2014 between The One Iranian and Tose –e va Omran Behnad Bana, (on behalf of Saman Bank), nominated contractors of Alborz Mega Mall, Mahvare Pardis Building, Aqdasie and Azar Tabriz under the management of Mr. Ayoob Nazari.


The 5th exclusive annual meeting of the committee of high-rise building conference was held on Sunday June 16, 2015 in presence of Mr. Seyed Mohammad Beheshti (President of Cultural Heritage Institute and secretary of High-rise building Conference), Mr. Ahmmad Masjed Jame-e (Member of Tehran’s congress and Secretary of citizen’s rights of High - Rise Buildings Conference), Dr. Hamed Mazaherian (vice president of construction sector of Civil and Urban ministry and secretary of science of High-rise building Conference), Mr. Seyed Mohammad Pejman (Undersecretary of Civil and Urban Minister and director of national Land and Property Organization), Dr. Mohammad Saeed Izadi (Undersecretary of Civil and Urban Minister and director of specialized parent company of Civil and Urban Renovation of Iran and secretary of integration working party of High-rise building Conference) and other secretaries of working parties of parent company of Civil and Urban Renovation of Iran.