Rozet residential towers have brought about a different opportunity for investment in the secondary real estate market (pre-sale market of the housing). Despite the increased cost of development of real estate in the new year, this project provides not only the possibility of investing in proper prices, but also through flexible payment term. Rozet residential towers are the largest development project in the District 5 of Tehran. Suitable accessibility and location are of the important features of these towers. This 13-floor project is located on an area of 10732 square meters, includes 364 residential units, a pilot floor and 5 basement floors. The eye-catching architecture of the towers, designed by Farzad Daliri's team, along with convenient amenities and services, has made Rozet a luxurious and unique collection. The One Iranian, which has been cooperating as an exclusive marketing and sales consultant for Rozet residential towers since 2016, provides clever strategies in the field of optimal pricing and flexible payment terms through studying different pricing models and analyzing the project position. Flexible and perfect sales contract provide a distinct occasion to invest in the housing market. Due to the scarcity of pre-sale cases in the current turbulent real estate market, ones who are looking for an appropriate and unrepeatable opportunity to invest in and pre-purchase housing can contact us through 09123864444.



The One Iranian Company decided to launch an exciting program Following returning from quarantine in order to change the mood of previous stressful days, thereby painting through energetic acrylic paints and an abstract technique were selected due to the fact that it is simple and everyone can participate in it. The canvases and colors were ordered, and announced to colleagues to be present on April 20,2020 regarding the social distance.
On the day of the performance, initial acquaintance and training provided by one of the experienced instructors to the colleagues; Then, they started to make the desired colors and poured the colors on their canvases in different ways to render each work. The program, which lasted about 4 hours, gave a different atmosphere to the office and created different moments throughout the history of The One Iranian corporation.
When the paintings were finished, the distinguishing part and the surprise of the day began; At the end of each painting, the owner of the painting was asked about the estimated price of the painting to sale in favor of the charity. It was decided that anyone who was willing to, bought his/her painting, and being so, donated an amount of money to charity. This event was met with unprecedented acclaim.
The One Iranian always believes that if we are in a good mood, we can double our positive energy and mood by sharing it with others. On that day, the sweet memory of painting and philanthropic deeds remained in our minds.


Art, the Citadium’s connecting bridge in the 3rd campaign

Operating the third stage of the campaign which was one of the triple stages of Citadium project in Urmia occurred in the first months of 2020, along with the help of art which is a strong and effective connection among people, and it was conducted by carrying out different programs for the first time in Urmia.

Every advertising campaign is a special devised strategy which is using in media and other advertisement tools that follows specific goals. The purposes of each advertising campaign can include introducing the brand, increasing sales and connecting to a special market. Removing the boundaries of communication with each other, using the insights of expert artists in a modern context, introducing new artists in the field of performance to the city were all the aims of the third Citadium’s campaign.

Citadium Commercial-Recreational Complex is located in Urmia, the center of Western Azerbaijan province, the northwest of Iran. This project is being constructed in 2 phases that its first phase is approaching the opening days. So far, Citadium in Urmia has run successful campaigns in order to connect different classes and ages of people. Making the sense of happiness and excitement, and also enhancing this sense was not just a slogan, and in the thoughts and ideas of the marketing group of Citadium Commercial-Entertainment Complex, paying attention to such matter has been taken seriously. Presence, making connection and running social, cultural and artistic shows in the form of creative campaigns preceding the opening of a commercial-recreational center are all signs of having a modern and new attitude towards our audiences that has happened for the first time in the country.

The third part of the series of Citadium’s campaigns was conducted in the last winter, in 2 sections including running a painting competition and also a graphic symposium. According to our family-centered approach, and the concept of “happy family”, Citadium’s painting competition for the kids of 5 to 12 years old was announced in social media in the last days of autumn, and its results were announced by giving prizes to the winners in February. The competition’s prizes were given in two parts comprising judging and a lottery. Families welcoming and the presence of many kids from Urmia in the competition are the signs of success in the conducted campaign run marketing group of Citadium.

The graphic symposium (graffiti festival)Citadium was held in Commercial-Recreational Center in the last winter in Urmia City.  Graffiti is referred to the class of self-inspired writings or paintings drawn on the walls of public places. this festival was held in order to motivate the spirit of alliance and hope, expanding artistic capacities and raising a useful and effective trend to support performing arts and their artists in Urmia city. Regarding the current situations, marketing group of Citadium in Orumieh took actions to conduct a social campaign, encourage and inspire people. With the title of #choose-hope, the graffiti symposium invited the city’s artists to promote the sense of hope.

Regarding social marketing concept, in formulating marketing policies, managers of marketing of organizations and big companies consider important factors such as the company’s benefit, customer’s needs and also the society’s profits.

This symposium was held in 2020 February 29, With the presence of some art students and artists of graffiti or wall-painters artists, and also well-known artists of Urmia as the judges of the competition. In this part, cash prizes were given to three referee-selected works. All the judges and participants were appreciated by Citadium Complex, and the prizes and certificate of attendance at the Wall Painting Symposium were given to the participants.


What is happening in the markets of Isfahan?

The One Iranian Company as the first real estate developing  company for real estates in Iran, sent its market research team to the historical and beautiful city of Isfahan to present the results of opportunity studies to the contractor.

Market research is an important and inseparable part of marketing.

Market research is a strategic part of opportunity study projects in The One Iranian Company. The One’s market research team consisting of experts in various parts of real estate industry, does its researches according to the awareness of existing situation, evaluating the market’s demand, psychological characteristics of target group in the market, analysis of prices in the market and also comprehensively detecting rivals in the related fields.

The One Iranian Company provides its researches in two sections:

  1. Analyzing the information about market and customers
  2. Analyzing the rivals’ behavior in the market and presenting it to the contractor as a supportive document for suggested scenarios and the key to success.

Isfahan is the third biggest city in Iran, and the third most populated one after Tehran and Mashhad. Isfahan metropolis, as a city that has rich history and culture, has the potentiality of hosting events in different scales, from local to international ones. This city can use the opportunity of holding events in order to attract tourists, develop the economic status of city and its social and cultural status. Doing research about the market of Isfahan metropolis with an approach of distinguishing commercial centers and hubs, rows of shops, existing and under-construction shopping centers, is the newest achievement of The One Company. A significant point of this part is updating the prices, and new constructions in market researches that gives a comprehensive insight on conditions and effective factors in the market to the experts of scenario creators. After gathering the information from the viewpoint of experts of marketing and analyzing it, in case of any requirement for a better understanding of customer’s behavior, The One Iranian will do surveys and several deep interviews with clients and experts. One of the most noteworthy measures in this section of studies is analyzing the data through new and updated methods.



By the first phase of Citadium’s opening, Citadium’s food hall in Urmia called “Citameet” would starts its activity.

In the first phase of developing Citadium Commercial-Recreational Center in Urmia, Citameet is designed in an area of 1027 square meters with an integrated management. Different types of national and international foods will be served in this complex.

Operational management of Citameet, as the first unparalleled food hall in the west of the country, is given to the brand of “Raftari”. Raftari Group is one of the most famous and popular brands of chain kebab restaurants in Tehran. This reputable brand, with the experience of more than a century (since 1910) in managing restaurants and having multiple branches in Tehran, has continued developing its brand by establishing commercial centers, food courts and food halls. After successful experience of operational management in Tehran’s commercial centers such as Baamland, Raftari Group, has taken over the management of Citameet (Citadium’s food hall).

In accordance with The One Iranian’s strategies, as the creator of Citadium brand, special place for eating and drinking (F&B) do not have to be separated or placed in a specific floor, but today, the best developing strategy in shopping centers is combining shopping with recreation along with meeting the standards of designing and construction in order increase the vitality of social life. Inviting famous and creditable brands of retailing market and also proper arrangement of shops next to the Citameet Complex and Hyperstar Daily Shopping Center in the first phase of developing Citadium has made the complex an unbeatable commercial center in the province.

For more information about the brand of Citadium and Citadium Commercial-Recreational Center in Urmia, please visit the website of this project:

The One Iranian Company as the developer and marketing consultant in the real estate industry, has the responsibility of opportunity studies of the well-known tower of Millennium (the third millennium) located in the 6th district of Tehran.

Opportunity studies are a part of strategic planning for businesses and it should be done before producing a new product or offering a service, so that one can evaluate the market for making more possible profit and the income earned by such business. Predicting the demand for a product or a service which is ready to enter the market is a significant factor which will be examined in opportunity studies.

The One Iranian Company is the only professional developer in the field of real estates that by relying on its deep knowledge of sales and marketing and through conducting precise and comprehensive researches, presents effective solutions regarding the issue.

By doing opportunity studies in a short period of time, The One Iranian Company gives the investors the opportunity to opt for the best possible choices considering the abilities and limitations of the contractor’s group and existing conditions in the market of real estate due to updated knowledge and the experience of the consultant team in years.

in the opportunity study, The One Iranian Company consults its taskmasters about the identity of their project, and defining the best possible uses for the project. It also provides a clear perspective on the best way to finance considering knowledge-based financial analysis which befits to the current economic conditions in the best time to sell or transfer to the customers. Finally, it provides the project need for marketing tools, branding and sales in the form of opportunity study packages.

The Millennium Tower, or the third millennium, is one of the tallest towers in Tehran, with a height of more than 100 meters. It is located in Sheikh Bahayi street, and has a vast view of 6th district of Tehran. The 64-floors Millennium Tower is located on a 25,200-square-meter sector with an area of 1,23,000 square meters.

Opportunity studies are presented through field studies and library process in the form of comprehensive reports considering all the affairs that inform the employer about the conditions and status of the project and the area. This initial awareness of the project's employers gives The One team’s consultants and specialists the opportunity to evaluate all of the proposed scenarios. The market research team of The One Iranian Company consider a detailed insight on the region 6 and the study area according to its work process in the field of opportunity study. Examining all uses of administrative, commercial, residential, and recreational, as well as multi-purpose facilities, identifying competitors and examining merits and demerits, along with evaluating their benefits, and determining up-to-date prices of facilities in the region is all the services which is provided by the market research team.

Social and cultural features, analysis of demographic characteristics and the texture of the region and traffic studies at the regional level are in the program of the The One marketing (Bazaar) Research Team.

District 6, is located approximately in the center of Tehran, thereby due to its location and proximity to the old center of the city, it was affected by the actions taken in the first Pahlavi period regarding the development of Tehran. It Gradually, became an active center when the location of the city center transferred to the north and northwest, from 1940s. The mastermind of the government, the decision-making system, the public administration, as well as the engine of Tehran's new business-economic system have been established in District Six of Tehran.

Another functions of this team is to prepare a questionnaire of office facilities and concepts of administrative centers. This action has been taken for the first time by The One Iranian Company with the aim of becoming more familiar with the prefrences of all the people who are dealing with spaces and offices in Tehran. The questions of this questionnaire have been compiled in two series according to the population of managers and office owners, as well as employees. It has been sent to 100 high-ranking managers and 200 employees from various organizations of the private and public sectors. The purpose of this questionnaire is to review the opinions of business owners and managers about work offices and all the facilities used in these offices in order to improve the concept of work offices.




Millennium's train ready to go!

Millennium is a familiar name to the people of Tehran. Even if you haven't heard the name of this project, its huge skeleton has definitely attracted your attention when crossing the Shahid Hemmat Highway. The Millennium Project, Iran's largest residential and commercial tower and the first all-metal frame building in Iran, is back on track after years of inactivity, and it is under construction. The construction of third millennium or Millennium project, one of the tallest towers in Tehran,  began in 2002, but unfortunately due to many problems, this project has not been completed yet.

Now, more than 17 years after the initial studies of this project, The One Iranian Company, as a strategic consultant, has started its cooperation with the employer of this huge project (Iranian house corporation Ashiyaneh Hezareh Sevvom) in the field of opportunities studies and value engineering.

Relying on international experiences, group experiences, collective wisdom and knowledge of experts, The One Iranian Company has prepared and presented executive methods related to opportunity studies in Iran's construction industry. Market research services and opportunity studies related to this project, along with considering construction frameworks and standards, modern global management, consideration of existing economic conditions and reflecting the preferences of the employer is on the agenda of The One Iranian.

Exciting events in the second campaign of Urmia Citadium

Due to the high level of public feedback and the requests of various business owners to cooperate with Citadium in various fields, the second phase of the Urmia campaign began.

With the aim of promoting Citadium brand as a recreational and commercial center in Urmia city, this campaign has started its program considering surveys about the amount of recognition of people, investors and business activists of Citadium.

Urmia Entertainment Commercial Complex of Citadium is located in northwestern Iran, in the city of Urmia, the capital of West Azerbaijan Province. The project is being built on a land with an area of 53,500 square meters with a total infrastructure area of 119,884 square meters in two phases. Phase A covers an area of 20,376 square meters and phase B covers an area of 99,508 square meters.

Each advertising campaign is a specially designed strategy that is implemented through different media and advertising tools, and pursues specific goals. The aim of any advertising campaign can be to increase brand awareness, increase sales, and connect with a specific market.

In order to the determination of the target groups, the marketing team of Urmia Citadium Project, invited its audience to participate in family ceremonies due to the family-centered approach of Citadium’s Concept, and the important role of children in the family. In this regard, by holding a big celebration of families and children in the city of Urmia, on November 15, in the 2000-seat hall of the Javan House, the Citadium brand was introduced as the sponsor of the program. One of the creative actions of the marketing team to communicate with the audience from a child to a teenager was to hold a painting competition, which was met with an unparalleled response. The prizes for this competition were 2 prizes of 10 million Rial, 4 prizes of 5 million Rial and 4 prizes of 2.5 million Rial.

Another effective and creative move of this campaign in order to communicate with Urmia families as the audience of the Citadium Shopping Center was to hold a photography competition with the theme of #Citadium's_family. After holding meetings in the marketing group, this competition was determined to hold through the Partisan marketing method on the social media Instagram, Citadium page and other popular pages of Urmia in order to be informed to the families of Urmia. In the days of the competition, photos of fun moments and family gatherings and shared pictures of the event recognized Citadium as a brand that supports the happiness of families. following a drawing, the prizes of the competition were sent to the participants of Urmia in the form of gift cards.

In the second phase of the Urmia Citadium Campaign, advertising billboards were launched with the aim of informing the nature and identity of the Citadium brand as a recreational shopping center and the opening time.