YAP architectural practice

The architectural practice “Yorgos Andreadis and Partners” was formed in 1992.The office has been involved in various types of studies, ranging from single residences to large scale housing projects. Its particular field of expertise are cultural buildings, urban design projects and commercial developments, with numerous such studies both in Greece and France. The practice holds a 4th class official license for public works projects awarded by the Greek Technical Chamber under registration number ΓΕΜ 610 in the categories 6 (Architectural Design) and 7 (Specialized Architectural Studies). In 2001, the practice acquired a company status with the following partners: Yorgos Andreadis, Kyriakos Giannopoulos, Eleni Tsigarida and Mihalis Karavas.

The One Iranian has started the cooperation with YAP since 2015 in the format of opportunity study. Since then, we have compromised to work together especially in office and commercial projects.


Foolad Ehsan Ahwaz

Commercial and Technical Services Company of Foolad Ehsan Ahwaz was founded on November 19, 1999 under the registration number 157083 in the Company and Industrial Units Registry Office in Tehran and their current registerd capital is two hundred billion IRR. The major activities of this company are in the fields of commerce, buying and selling activities, and specialized in the field of importing, buying and selling various metal bullions and similar products.

The holding companies of Foolad Ehsan includes:

1. Toseeh va Tejrat Rayiika under the registration number 40092 founded on April, 23, 2011 in Company and Industrial Units Registry Office in Tehran. The major activities of this company are in the fields of commerce, buying and selling computer and digital equipment and digital cameras.

2. Pergas Steel Company under the registration number 412511 founded on September 03, 2011 in Company and Industrial Units Registry Office in Tehran. They are currently working in 2 shifts in a factory with an area of 6000m2 located in Isfahan’s Industrial Development. The major activities of this company are in the fields of steel profiles, rebars, end plate, buying and selling nationally.

3. Zob va Navard Khorasan was founded in 2009 and since then they have been producing beams and other steel products.

Some of the assets of this company, which shows the variety of their activities, include the following:

- Marzan Abad land with square footage area of over 44,000m2

- Marzan Abad land with square footage area of over 11,000m2

- Tehran-Pars land with an area of over 1,200m2

- Poultery Center located on land with an area of 27,500m2 and the manufacturing capacity of 52,000 pieces of chicken on 3 different saloons.

- Anzali Steel Storage, located in Anzali free zone, on a land with an area of over 6000m2 and factory building with an area of over 2,000m2 equipped with digital scale

- Nirvana Kish Multi-functional complex (hotel, commercial, office) located in Kish Island on a land with square footage area of 12400m2

- Mashhad Steel Storage with square footage area of over 1100m2 equipped with steel plates and end plates cutting saw

- Nirvana Tower located in Elahiyeh district with gross floor area of 2075m2 divided into 13 floors

Some of the consultants of Foolad Ehsan Ahwaz Company are:

- Mandro Engineering Consultant: Geotechnical Consultants

- Ben Sar Architectural Office; Architectural Designers

- Amood Engineering Consultants; Urban and Architectural Planning Consultants

- Rahan Sazeh Engineering Consultants; Urban and Architectural Planning Consultants

- Fama Beton; Concrete Producers

- Sahand Industrial Group; Designer and Manufacture of Reinforcement Bars Mechanical Connections (Modern Construction Technology)

- Shahriar Steel Frame Construction; Bolts and Nuts Steel Frame Contractors

- Sakhrehaye Betoni Shafaf Arad; Project Contractors

- No- Andish Engineering Consultants; Inspection Organization


Behsazi va Zibasazi Haram-eh Qom

Zibasazi, Behsazi va Nosazi Atraf Haram Motahar Hazrate Masoomeh (peace be upon her) Organization (Renovation and beatification of Hazaret Masoomeh’s shrine) has operated under the management of Qom’s City Council. An important action of this organization includes the purchase and renovation of old architectures and preparation of lands surrounding the shrine with an area of over 50,000m2 such as Imam Khomeini Great Square, planning and execution of significant plan of Imam Khomeini Square in the boundary of the shrine, planning Qom Great Commercial – Residential Project (replacement for the old fruit and vegetable market) and execution of Alqadir Commercial Complex.

All the above projects are on the path of development of city of Qom and increase its infrastructural utilities which were mandated to county’s and country’s authoritative bodies.


Toseeh Abniyeh Hemmat Company

In 2012 Toseeh Abniyeh Hemmat Company was established as a cooperative company. The main purpose of this company was to purchase lands, with feasible use, from legal sources for civil activities and construction of various buildings such as commercial, office, educational, religious, health, sports, developments, roads, bridges, architectural, power stations, light and heavy buildings, etc. A great policy of this company is the execution of infrastructure, utility and other projects without being bound to any specific types, independently or with the use of technical institutes are all carried out under regulations and contract laws which contains the interest of all parties such as the land owners, investors, clients, individuals, firms and stakeholders. Lexon commercial- office building is a successful example of the projects of this company and The One Iranian was the sole agent for sales and marketing engineering operations of this project.


Tajali Mehr Iranian

Tajali Mehr Iranian was established in 2009 in Tehran as a subsidiary of Mehr Eqtesad Iranian holding company. The main purpose of this company is to be active in construction, financial and commercial industries. In early 2011 it was decided that Tajali Mehr Iranian will commence their activities as a holding company and therefore stocks of other companies (Ansar Building Group, Kosar Azarbayejan, Koosha Paydar, Farasooye Sharq, Eftekhare Khoozestan) were all transferred to the mentioned holding company. Then in late 2013, according to Mehr Eqtesade Iranian’s policy, all but 1 share of Farasooye Sharq Company was transferred to Taavon Basij Corporation.

Tajali Mehr Iranian is a construction and civil holding company and is still an affiliate of Mehr financial and Investment Group. Tajali Mehr Iranian has chosen The One Iranian to operate their sales and marketing activities.

Saman Pars Housing Company

This is a subsidiary company of Housing Investment Co. which operates in Tehran County. Some of the activities of this successful company includes: Provision of expert services and counseling in real estate market (includes residential, commercial, office, etc) on national and international scale in fields of property and real estate affairs, investment and partnership, marketing and sales and after sales services in any other fields in order to respond to the needs of customers; by using intelligent human resources which will also lead to organizational competitive advantages. Since 2008 The One Iranian has shared information and their experience with this company.

South Housing Investment Company

South Housing Investment Company is a subsidiary of holding company of Housing investment Co. and operate in the southern counties of the country. They have managed to complete 13 projects in Khoozestan County (South Western Branch), 5 projects in Hormozgan county, 72 projects in Kish Island, 16 projects in Fars County (Southern Branch), 10 projects in Kerman County and total gross foot area of 970573m2 consisting of 9770 residential units.

In 2008, The One Iranian partnered with this successful company on Shiraz’s Drak project.


For more information about this company you can visit below website:






North Housing Investment Company

This company was established in 1992 as a subsidiary of holding company of Housing investment Co. to cover projects of Mazandaran and Golestan counties and eventually in 2006 they became an independent company. North Housing Investment Co. has managed to build over 3000 residential units with total gross floor area of 540970m2 and 42 commercial projects with total gross floor area of 3147m2. They have also been responsible for construction of a 9 class room – school, Maskan Bank’s headquarter in Saari, Amol Commercial – office building, restaurant and Darya Kenar Leisure – Welfare Center which included 54 units.

In 2008 The One Iranian commenced their partnership with North Housing Investment Co. and since then they have managed to offer their sales and marketing engineering services on projects various projects such as: Parastooye Babol-Sar and Bam Chaloos.

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Maf Pars Hypermarket group branded as Hyperstars

Mafid Al-Fatim Group was established in 2013 by Mafid Alfatim, with combination of leisure and shopping purposes and since then they have redefined the retail industry. Maf Group has understood the fact that visitors require something more than their usual shopping needs, therefore their aimed to provide high quality and affordable products. They are currently operating in one of their Hyperstar project in Tehran, which is the biggest retail center of the country.


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