Roset (Urumieh)

Roset project has an area of 53470m2 and floor area of 178576m2. This project is located 2km away from Sir Mountain, 10km away from Band Leisure Center, at the end of Saedi 2 Boulevard, in Uroumieh City. This project is aiming to provide the residents of Oroumieh with shopping area which includes famous national and international brands and quality products. This complex exceeds its expectations with inclusion of themed park, two movie theatres and conference center, which has turned it into a modern leisure center for families.

Roset project was financed by Anbooh Sazan Parto Shahr, and Finance and Investment Department of Oroumieh City Council was in charge of project execution.

The One Iranian was responsible for Pricing Strategy Planning, Marketing which includes Product Definition and Branding of the project.

To find out more information please visit Uroumieh City Council’s Website.

Shamseh Market (Ghom)

Shamseh Bazar is located on an exclusive city spot, near Imam Khomeini Square in the center of the city. It is also neighboring the shrine, Commercial and Office Centers, Residential Complexes and other religious sites which all adds up to the importance of the location of this project. Imam Khomeini Square is the county’s biggest civil construction project which is under supervision of City Council and City’s Aesthetic Improvement Organization. In 2013, 70% of this project was completed. This project is also neighboring parking lot with capacity of over 2000 units.
Design of this building is based on Traditional Iranian and Islamic Architecture. Some of the great advantages of Shamseh Bazar includes the variety in sizes of the offered units, defining adequate welfare – leisure spaces.

The One Iranian was responsible for Design, Planning Project Branding Strategy, Comprehensive Project Naming Plan, Comprehensive Pricing Plan and Sales Strategies. With the partnership of City Council and City’s Aesthetic Improvement Organization all of these goals were successfully delivered.

Setareh Poonak Residential Towers

Setareh Poonak Residential Complex, with an overall area of 14630m2, aims to create job opportunity, improve economy of the city and also provide housing for residents of Qazvin. This project includes seven towers of 17, 18 and 19-storey buildings. This project is located in Poonak district which is based on the northern part of Qazvin City. Poonak’s northern access connects this region to Qazvin – Zanjan Highway, the eastern access connects it to Nokhbegan Boulevard and Boostan Barajin Highway, its southern access connects it to Amir Kabir Boulevard and its western accesses connects it Noroozian St and Imam Khomeini International University.

Client and financier of this project is Behsazan Ayandeh Qazvin. Employees of City Council of Qazvin’s Retirement Fund Institute has partnered with and bought shares from Behsazan Ayande Qazvin, in order to take a step towards reaching their goals.

In 2013, The One Iranian acted as the sole sales agents of the project managed to deliver residential units of Setareh Poonak projects which were the first residential apartment complex in Qazvin City.

Armani touristic Complex (Nowshahr)

Armani is one of the most unique villa development projects of northern region of Iran. This is one of the most exclusive projects of Masood Consultants, which is located on 10 km of Noor – Noshahr Highway. The 74000m2 land of this project has been divided into 76 pieces with square footages ranging between 500 – 1300 m2. Some of the facilities of this project include: Bicycle Path, Walking and Running Path, Play Grounds, Helipad, etc. One of the great features of this project is that the designs of the villas are based on the demand and taste of their clients.

In 2011, The One Iranian assisted this project as the sales and marketing engineering consultants of the project.

Paakdasht Commercial Center

Pakdash Commercial Center with area of over 8000m2 is placed near the city’s biggest traffic circle. This under construction project contains 400 commercial units and 800 parking spaces.

This great commercial project is divided into 3 categorized floors. Podium of this commercial center is used for jewelry and watches, mobile phones and cosmetics. Second floor is used for clothing and third floor is used for home appliances and carpets.

In addition to these markets, this complex includes: Welfare and leisure center, Secure Services such as banks, restaurants and fun fairs.

In 2012, The One Iranian assisted this project as: Sales and Marketing Engineering Consultants, Value Engineering Consultants, Pricing Consultants and was also responsible for design of Strategic Outcome Plan.

To find out more information about this project please visit Pak-Dasht Bazar’s Website:

Vardavard Residential Complex

Vardavard residential project consists of 40 units placed on 2000m2 of land and is located on Imam Hossein St, a region in the city of Vard-Avard. These 40 building units are divided in to 4 building blocks.

Project Details:

- Number of Floors of each block: 5

- Number of units in each floor: 2

- Number of 110m2 units (3-bedrooms): 30

- Number of 112m2 units (3-bedrooms): 10

- Number of parking floors: 2 floors of parking plus 12 extra parking spaces

In December, 2012, The One Iranian reached an agreement with the clients of this project to become the sole marketing and sales agent.

Fruit and vegetable Market (Yazd)

The Fruit and Vegetable Market project, which was the partnership of Sazeh Paydar Yazd and and City Council of Yazd, aimed to relocate the current market from the city center to a location where there is a better access and traffic conditions.

This project was based on 50 hectares of lands and floor area of 175000m2 with facilities such as Booths which can offer fruits and vegetables in bulks, Cool Room, Industrial Scale, Dried Fruits Market, Dairy and Protein Market, Motel, Mosque, Bank, Retail Spaces, Restaurant, Café divided into 8 phases.

In 2012 The One Iranian was chosen as the sole sales and marketing agent. As the only sales agent of this project, they focused on this project for duration of 3 years and managed to assist the project by offering various services such as: Designing Strategic Advertisement Plan, Pricing of the project units, Designing the Execution and Regulation Plan, Study Unions and Focus Groups, Logo Design, Media and Regional Advertisement.

Storage Space of Special Zone

According to the Islamic Committee Congress resolution dated on February 2012, Zarandieh, which is located on 38th km of Tehran – Saveh highway, was placed in the list of special economic zones.

The total area of this development is 1400 hectares with leisure-commercial-industrial characteristics.

According to this resolution, Tose-eh Siahan Sarzamin Iranian, was named as the private company which will be responsible for this development.

This region, which is part of the Sarzamin Iranian’s Development, consists of exclusive storage spaces, Motor City, Formula 1 Track, Automotive Exhibition Center, Off-road Tracks, ATV, Buggy, Motor Cross, Rally Cross and CBD Commercial Center.

In 2012 The One Iranian was chosen as the sales agent of storage spaces and managed to deliver all these spaces in one-off sale to one the private national banks.

Golf Village of Iranian Land (Tehran)

Golf Village project is located in one of the 24 zones of Sarzamin Iranian. Sarzamin Iranian, which consists of square footage area of over 5000 Hectares, is one of the biggest residential-leisure-sports developments which is located in Zarandieh Special Economic Zone.

This village which is the first privately funded development consist of 24 different usages which are categorized into three groups of residential, leisure and business.

Golf Village is based in residential part of the development which includes: Golf Village, Polo, Beach, Mediterranean, etc. The leisure Category includes: Formula 1 track, Horse Riding Track, Water Park, Themed Park, etc. and the business category includes: Commercial – Office Units, Motor City, Special Zone Storage Facilities, etc.

Square footage of Golf Village is approximately 320 hectares which consists of 92 hectares of golf course and approximately 3 hectares of Golf lake. This development consists of 1620 modern duplex villas which their lands are divided into 400 to 1200 m2 land and their building floor plan areas are divided into 160 to 510m2. Australia’s Bruce Henderson is the design and architectural consultants of these villas who have extensive experience of these kinds of projects in Australia and other countries.

The construction process of Golf Village commenced in March, 2013 and the first phase consist of the completion of three southern zone villas; which includes road construction and execution of internal security system (Gated Community).

This development is located on 38th km of Tehran – Saveh highway and possesses various permissions such as: Chief Committee of Architectural and Urban Planning approval, approval for special economic zone, and approval for exclusive tourism center.

In 2011, The One Iranian was appointed as the first marketing and sales agent of Golf Village Development for duration of 1 year.

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