Erfan Residential Complex is located on the most western part of Tehran, on the 22nd district, and is based on the western coast of Chitgar Lake. This project benefits from the extraordinary view of mountains from one side and sea and jungle view from the other side.

Erfan Complex consist of 610 residential unit on building site with square footage of approximately 3 hectares and useful floor area of 130000m2 divided into 4 building blocks. Each block consist of 2 towers which adds up to 8 towers overall. These towers are divided into two 20-storey buildings, two 13-storey buildings, two 16-storey buildings and two 12-storey buildings.

Facilities of this project include:

- Commercial and leisure spaces such as:

- Kids’ Nursery, Kids’ outdoor playground

- Pharmacy and Clinic

- Library and Club House

- Bicycle Route

- Super Market

- Bank

- Leisure Facilities such as:

- Central Antenna

- Unique Landscape Design

- Earthquake Resistant Structural Frame (Bracing and Moment Resisting Frames)

The prosecutor of this project is A.S.P Contractors which are among the top residential contractors and it was financed by Omran va Maskan Saze Paydar Qarn building group (with support and backing of Qavamin Bank) whom are named as the client of this project.


In winter of 2011 The One Iranian signed contract with Omran va Maskan Saze Paydar Qarn to become the responsible party for sales and marketing of this project.

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