The Fruit and Vegetable Market project, which was the partnership of Sazeh Paydar Yazd and and City Council of Yazd, aimed to relocate the current market from the city center to a location where there is a better access and traffic conditions.

This project was based on 50 hectares of lands and floor area of 175000m2 with facilities such as Booths which can offer fruits and vegetables in bulks, Cool Room, Industrial Scale, Dried Fruits Market, Dairy and Protein Market, Motel, Mosque, Bank, Retail Spaces, Restaurant, Café divided into 8 phases.

In 2012 The One Iranian was chosen as the sole sales and marketing agent. As the only sales agent of this project, they focused on this project for duration of 3 years and managed to assist the project by offering various services such as: Designing Strategic Advertisement Plan, Pricing of the project units, Designing the Execution and Regulation Plan, Study Unions and Focus Groups, Logo Design, Media and Regional Advertisement.

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