Setareh Poonak Residential Complex, with an overall area of 14630m2, aims to create job opportunity, improve economy of the city and also provide housing for residents of Qazvin. This project includes seven towers of 17, 18 and 19-storey buildings. This project is located in Poonak district which is based on the northern part of Qazvin City. Poonak’s northern access connects this region to Qazvin – Zanjan Highway, the eastern access connects it to Nokhbegan Boulevard and Boostan Barajin Highway, its southern access connects it to Amir Kabir Boulevard and its western accesses connects it Noroozian St and Imam Khomeini International University.

Client and financier of this project is Behsazan Ayandeh Qazvin. Employees of City Council of Qazvin’s Retirement Fund Institute has partnered with and bought shares from Behsazan Ayande Qazvin, in order to take a step towards reaching their goals.

In 2013, The One Iranian acted as the sole sales agents of the project managed to deliver residential units of Setareh Poonak projects which were the first residential apartment complex in Qazvin City.

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