Shamseh Bazar is located on an exclusive city spot, near Imam Khomeini Square in the center of the city. It is also neighboring the shrine, Commercial and Office Centers, Residential Complexes and other religious sites which all adds up to the importance of the location of this project. Imam Khomeini Square is the county’s biggest civil construction project which is under supervision of City Council and City’s Aesthetic Improvement Organization. In 2013, 70% of this project was completed. This project is also neighboring parking lot with capacity of over 2000 units.
Design of this building is based on Traditional Iranian and Islamic Architecture. Some of the great advantages of Shamseh Bazar includes the variety in sizes of the offered units, defining adequate welfare – leisure spaces.

The One Iranian was responsible for Design, Planning Project Branding Strategy, Comprehensive Project Naming Plan, Comprehensive Pricing Plan and Sales Strategies. With the partnership of City Council and City’s Aesthetic Improvement Organization all of these goals were successfully delivered.

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