Millennium Tower

In 2019 October, The One Iranian Company started its cooperation with the cooperative housing company of Ashiyaneh Hezareh Sevvom Iranian (Iranian’s house for the 3rd millennium) for opportunities studies and also value engineering of Millennium Project.

Having 32 floors on the ground with the area of 15200 square meters and the infrastructure of 123000 square meters, Millennium is located in Hemmat Highway at the junction of Sheikh Bahayi St. in Tehran.

17 years has passed from the primary plan of Millennium project (the 3rd millennium) and it has been some years that the metal skeleton of this half-constructed project is showing off Hemmat highway. Different stories have been told about leaving the Millennium project unfinished. Some of people think of legal issues as the reason behind leaving the first completely-metal skeleton of a building unfinished and others think of financial ones, but they mostly agree on not having the expected profit in the project because of a long-term stop and believe that it being finished is unlikely and farfetched.

As the strategic consultant in the project, The One Iranian Company began its opportunity studies in the autumn of 2019 and its main purpose in such studies was to define a new concept and identity complied with the strategies of offering premium prices in order to get out of project crisis.

A successful sale requires a successful strategy in development!

Our primary slogon in codification of concepts for opportunity studies is to present the development concept in a way that The One Iranian Company, as the marketing and sales consultant, can sell the units by itself in the most effective period of time, so these studies are carried in the most operational and realistic way and in accordance with the present needs of addressees, predication of their future requirements and lifestyle. These days, potential customers enter into transactions with awareness and a clear view, therefore providing services and codification of concepts needs caution and we should pay attention to the taste of potential customers.

Economic knowledge, experience in developing real estate, mastery over construction concepts, knowing the customers greatly and also being aware of employer’s problems are all the criteria considered for making decision in the process of presenting developing concepts. Numerous meetings in specialized workgroups with industry elites and the members of Ashiyaneh Hezareh Sevvom Iranian Cooperation were held that finally led to a proper suggestion in compliance with the dimensions of the issue and a modern brand in administration industry was launched. The last suggestion from The One Iranian Company for Millennium tower is launching an administration brand, so its primary residential use changed. This official tower has the following potentialities:

  • Turning into a symbol of Tehran,
  • Big and famous companies will be eager to participate in it,
  • The new concepts of property management, operation and reception management are all meaningful in it,
  • Its commercial and service uses are defined with profitable and thriving viewpoints,
  • It covers a wide range of customers,
  • It is the correct answer to economic complexities and financial issues of the tower investors’,
  • And at the end it will be an everlasting name.

After presenting the findings of opportunity studies for Millennium tower to the contractor in May 2019, The One’s cooperation and presence in this project ended.

Sparow project in Rasht

In the fall of 2018 The One Iranian started a market research and opportunity study for Sparow project in Rasht with Pars Sazeh as the employer.

The workforce started its activities with studying urban planning documents and total rules and regulations in order to gain information about the city and its specifications. Consideration of city development plans are mandatory in the process of opportunity study, as they should not be ignored while creating final concepts.

In the next step, market research team travelled to Rasht to start its field research. Field research or market research in Sparow project consists of 3 main topics and the main goal is to reach fully recognition of citizens, competitors and real growth and development pattern of the city. Studying and analyzing the economic, social and contextual features of different districts of the city, categorizing the cores of activities and businesses, gathering the information about prices and the types of allocation of commercial, office and residential buildings, identifying the potential competitors in different phases (built, under development and under construction), analysis of the needs, shortcomings and potential for growth, interviewing with different segmentations of citizens or people who are familiar with the city; are all the main topics of field research.

The next phase of this study is the explanation of functional features, standards and national and international case studies regarding to all possible uses for creating development scenarios. Nobel concepts and modern construction, development and management standards should all be considered as models for developing a successful project so that not only the demands of the target market are met in, but the possible errors and mistakes would be avoided.

The final phase of this study consists of the explanation of possible development scenarios for the project. While creating development scenarios market demands, employer’s preferences, the ups and downs in real estate market and development concepts were considered and shared in sessions with task force and the employer. Financial analysis in each phase of developments of scenarios has provides the employer and task force a better understanding about pros and cons of each scenario. Finally, top scenarios were presented to the employer with the purpose of making the right choice for development according to their fundamental strategies. The One Iranian as the undetectable part of Iran’s construction industry provides market research service and opportunity studies for construction projects with the help of collective wisdom and experts’ knowledge so that the outcome of each project is aligned with the employers’ structures, standards and preferences, hence will lead to full satisfaction of the employers.


Pars Tower Opportunity Study (Tehran)

Pars Project, based on 5296m2 land, is located at the beginning of Khaje Abdolah Ansari St. which accesses Shariati St. According to city’s municipality plan, this area is located on Tehran’s 4th district and is also very close to 7th district.

Advantages of this project includes: credibility of the client, neighboring Seyed Khandan’s public transport traffic center, decent building permission, great access to Tehran’s main roads and leisure and welfare center.

According to Tehran’s Urban Planning design, project’s building site is placed on ‘S’- Area. The One Iranian uses this project factor alongside other factors such as the strength of Architectural and Design team and outcome of articles, listed below, to propose an appropriate development scenario.

Field Investigation of 140 office units in Tehran

Evaluation of the focus groups

Luxury project analysis and surveying experts and number of owners

Investigation Evolvement process of office buildings in neighboring countries

Influence of The One Iranian expertise

Study the rate of growth of office buildings in Tehran and other greater cities and forecast its future

The One Iranian’s manifestos were produced in format of 4 scenario proposals which was completed and delivered to project employers.



Tehran World Business Center

Tehran World Business Center, with total floor area of over 819175m2, is located on Shiraz Jonoobi (Southern Shirazi) St, and is easily accessible from Hemmat and Kurdestan Highways. In 2014, Saba Investment Group, who are the client and financiers of the project, nominated The One Iranian to produce Opportunity Study for this project. This study has been divided into following categories:

Phase 1: Regional Investigation; which includes identification of the surrounding design patterns, especially patterns used in successful projects, Review Urban Planning Regulation, Regional Capacity Survey, Similar construction and architectural Pattern of the surrounding projects, Pricing Strategy and delivery of similar projects in the region.

Phase 2: Market Research, Identification and Analysis of Competition Advantages, Value- Adding Scenarios, Target Market Identification, Proposing Pricing and Sales Mechanisms, Provision of general guidelines for the design team.

Phase 3: Financial Analysis; which includes Project Cost Income, Budget Suggestions, Financial Index Calculation, etc.

The best scenario will be chosen based on financial analysis comparison and market risks consideration. In this stage the results of focus group studies will be used to propose projects with titles of commercial – office project, transnational project and financial – economic analysis and proposals with various features will be offered for Tehran International Commercial Center

The outcome of the first chapter of the Opportunity Study will be used to identify the strategies for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the project. The nature of the project requires the use of strategies related to strength and opportunity (SO).



Hakim Twin Tower Opportunity Study (Tehran)

Behnad Bana Building Group, which is one of the most credible construction company, was interested in building a project on 6662m2 land located near Hakim Highway. Therefore, in 2014 The One Iranian and Behnad Bana agreed on a mutual partnership to achieve the following goals:

Phase 1: Regional Investigation; which includes identification of the surrounding design patterns, especially patterns used in successful projects.

Phase 2: Market Research, Identification and Analysis of Competition Advantages, Target Market Identification, etc.

Phase 3: Financial Analysis; which includes Project Cost Income, Budget Suggestions, Financial Index Calculation, etc.

This study has been produced in 6 different reports, and the context of each report is as follows:

Part 1: Regional Analysis and Greater City of Tehran Study

Part 2: Evaluation of distinctive towers (completed or under construction) on the boundary of the project

Part 3: Evaluation of successful projects in Tehran, Iran and also Finance Centers in Middle East.

Part 4: Review of Office Space Standards

Part 5: Suggested Scenarios and Financial Analysis (3 Development Scenarios)

Part 6: Field Investigation of 140 office units in Tehran

Three different scenarios have been prepared for Hakim Tower Development, which is based on land with an area of 6662m2, and all of them include 9 floors underground, 1 ground floor, 1 semi-ground floor, and 38 floors above semi-ground floor. The main differences in these scenarios are in quality of construction, market delivery method and project finance.

Maaf Pars Hyper Star Opportunity Study

The One Iranian is proud to announce that on 7/11/2010 reached an agreement with Maaf Pars Hyper Market to analyze and identify the possible partnership and business opportunities in nation’s successful project. This partnership will rely on The One Iranian’s resume, expertise and background of its founders and executives to continue planning and producing connections between Maaf Pars Hyper Market and clients of related project.

The following studies have been produced in two formats of English and Persian:

- Research and Analysis of Greater Tehran

- Analysis of suggested locations for construction and establishment of shopping centers in Tehran and Karaj Cities

- Research and analysis of possible office spaces in Tehran to locate Hyperstar’s headquarter (Allocation).

Araj Garden (Tariyana) (Tehran)

Tariyana project is located in Araj district. This region is accessible to Artesh Highway from north, Shahid Babayi from south, Imam Ali from east and Shahid Langari and Araj Square from its west side. The two most important factors to note about this district are: Presence of the highest number of military organizations throughout this region which is more than the total number of the military organizations of the whole district, and also presence of Oqaf Garden which is the main source of oxygen and clean air production of the Araj region and the surrounding areas. This huge garden, which has been donated, is the subject of Tariana’s Opportunity Study.

The first chapter of this study, which is titled as market research, aimed to obtain and analyze the qualitative and quantitative data about Araj and its surrounding districts such as: Farmaniye, Niyavaran, Zaferaniye, Tajrish, Ozgol, Aqdasiyeh, Ajodaniyeh, Dar-Abad, Kashanak and Sohanak.

Distinctive construction projects and also the consumer behavior of these regions have been identified and analyzed. The second chapter of this study analyzes the view of market towards the idea of donation. The current donated construction projects of Tehran have been studied to analyze and classify their characteristics. The other part of this research includes learning target markets’ mentality towards donated properties.

Final chapter, based on the outcome of previous chapters, difined various scenarios and financial analysis such as: Project Costs, Phased Execution Plan, Cost and Income Distribution, Cash Flow, Financial Indexes, Sensitivity Analysis and Project Finance.

Vahdat Daily Market (Karaj)

Important factors such as credibility of the client (C. C. Engineering Consultants in partnership with Fruit and Vegetable Market Department of Karaj City Council), beautiful architecture, high construction quality, complete and adequate facilities and its great location in Karaj has made Vahdat Daily Market, one of the most unique projects of this city. This project is based on land 9382m2 area of land, built in 3 floors, and is located in Vahdat Karaj Suburb. Some of the most positive factors of this project are the provision of adequate parking space for visitors and presence of fruit and vegetable market.

In 2012 The One Iranian signed an agreement with the clients of this project to become sales and marketing consultants of this project. Some of the offered services of The One Iranian include Designing a coherent outcome mechanism and pricing the units of this complex.

Storage Space of Special Zone

According to the Islamic Committee Congress resolution dated on February 2012, Zarandieh, which is located on 38th km of Tehran – Saveh highway, was placed in the list of special economic zones.

The total area of this development is 1400 hectares with leisure-commercial-industrial characteristics.

According to this resolution, Tose-eh Siahan Sarzamin Iranian, was named as the private company which will be responsible for this development.

This region, which is part of the Sarzamin Iranian’s Development, consists of exclusive storage spaces, Motor City, Formula 1 Track, Automotive Exhibition Center, Off-road Tracks, ATV, Buggy, Motor Cross, Rally Cross and CBD Commercial Center.

In 2012 The One Iranian was chosen as the sales agent of storage spaces and managed to deliver all these spaces in one-off sale to one the private national banks.

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