Vahdat Daily Market (Karaj)

Important factors such as credibility of the client (C. C. Engineering Consultants in partnership with Fruit and Vegetable Market Department of Karaj City Council), beautiful architecture, high construction quality, complete and adequate facilities and its great location in Karaj has made Vahdat Daily Market, one of the most unique projects of this city. This project is based on land 9382m2 area of land, built in 3 floors, and is located in Vahdat Karaj Suburb. Some of the most positive factors of this project are the provision of adequate parking space for visitors and presence of fruit and vegetable market.

In 2012 The One Iranian signed an agreement with the clients of this project to become sales and marketing consultants of this project. Some of the offered services of The One Iranian include Designing a coherent outcome mechanism and pricing the units of this complex.