Tehran World Business Center

Tehran World Business Center, with total floor area of over 819175m2, is located on Shiraz Jonoobi (Southern Shirazi) St, and is easily accessible from Hemmat and Kurdestan Highways. In 2014, Saba Investment Group, who are the client and financiers of the project, nominated The One Iranian to produce Opportunity Study for this project. This study has been divided into following categories:

Phase 1: Regional Investigation; which includes identification of the surrounding design patterns, especially patterns used in successful projects, Review Urban Planning Regulation, Regional Capacity Survey, Similar construction and architectural Pattern of the surrounding projects, Pricing Strategy and delivery of similar projects in the region.

Phase 2: Market Research, Identification and Analysis of Competition Advantages, Value- Adding Scenarios, Target Market Identification, Proposing Pricing and Sales Mechanisms, Provision of general guidelines for the design team.

Phase 3: Financial Analysis; which includes Project Cost Income, Budget Suggestions, Financial Index Calculation, etc.

The best scenario will be chosen based on financial analysis comparison and market risks consideration. In this stage the results of focus group studies will be used to propose projects with titles of commercial – office project, transnational project and financial – economic analysis and proposals with various features will be offered for Tehran International Commercial Center

The outcome of the first chapter of the Opportunity Study will be used to identify the strategies for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the project. The nature of the project requires the use of strategies related to strength and opportunity (SO).