Pars Tower Opportunity Study (Tehran)

Pars Project, based on 5296m2 land, is located at the beginning of Khaje Abdolah Ansari St. which accesses Shariati St. According to city’s municipality plan, this area is located on Tehran’s 4th district and is also very close to 7th district.

Advantages of this project includes: credibility of the client, neighboring Seyed Khandan’s public transport traffic center, decent building permission, great access to Tehran’s main roads and leisure and welfare center.

According to Tehran’s Urban Planning design, project’s building site is placed on ‘S’- Area. The One Iranian uses this project factor alongside other factors such as the strength of Architectural and Design team and outcome of articles, listed below, to propose an appropriate development scenario.

Field Investigation of 140 office units in Tehran

Evaluation of the focus groups

Luxury project analysis and surveying experts and number of owners

Investigation Evolvement process of office buildings in neighboring countries

Influence of The One Iranian expertise

Study the rate of growth of office buildings in Tehran and other greater cities and forecast its future

The One Iranian’s manifestos were produced in format of 4 scenario proposals which was completed and delivered to project employers.