Firouzeh shopping mall (Isfahan)

Isfahan, the city of turquoise domes and the third largest city in Iran, which is always mentioned as an important city in the field of habitancy and tourism, is one of the first cities in Iran to join the network of creative cities in the world under the supervision of UNESCO.  Chaharbagh Abbasi and Chaharbagh Bala streets are as the busiest walking pathways in this historical city. These streets, which connect the north to the south of Isfahan, pass the Zayandehrood river and are connected by Si-o-se-pol bridge, which is now one of the busiest paths in Isfahan. Due to the existence of commercial, cultural and tourism centers and hotels along these streets and the passage of the metro line north to south of Isfahan along it, this region has a special economic and tourism prosperity. Zayandehrood, the surrounding green spaces and historical attractions such as Si-o-se-pol, have attracted people to this area and has made this center one of the most prosperous tourist destinations.

After assessing the needs of commercial centers in Isfahan, Firouzeh shopping mall was built as a high-level and luxurious complex near Si-o-se-pol on Chaharbagh Street. The designers of Firouzeh Shopping Center consider the need to preserve the traditional and historical values of Isfahan, pay attention to the daily needs of the people of Isfahan and tourists, accessibility, being luxurious and having appropriate amenities and recreational facilities as their main concerns in designing and presenting the concepts of this mall in order to create the right center for their specific audience. The convenient location of Firouzeh Shopping Center, modern design and beautiful commercial spaces, as well as the prosperity of the region, has made this center an attractive destination not only for local people, but also for international audience.

In the design of this shopping center, spectacular turquoise tiles have been used, its dome-shaped roof is both reminiscent of Isfahan's historical turquoise domes and seeks to create a modern atmosphere in accordance with the needs of the contemporary life. Escalators, elevators and appropriate staircase, arches' voids and corridors, all built and positioned regarding modern world standards; make walking around the complex enjoyable and entertaining for visitors. Also, the existence of food courts and restaurants, in addition to shops, causes a number of clients to spend their leisure time, social interactions, etc. in Firouzeh shopping mall without intending to buy. The luxurious restaurant and food court along with the open space of the balcony and the beautiful view of Si-o-se-pol bridge and the Zayandehrood river, allow families and tourists to experience happy moments.

Firouzeh modern shopping mall has been built on 9 floors and area of 2357 square meters in Chaharbagh Bala ST., 100 meters from Si-o-se-pol bridge. Considering the worlds standards of operating a shopping centers, many customers would definitely visit this shopping center.

Foruzeh project characteristics:

  • - Firouzeh shopping mall has 9 floors, including one restaurant floor, one food court floor, 4 commercial floors and 3 parking floors.
  • - This shopping mall is strategically located in one of the most important urban centers of Isfahan with access to the metro station, on Chaharbagh Bala ST., 100 meters from Si-o-se-pol bridge.
  • - This project with a gross area of 16778 square meters was built on an area of 2357 square meters, and the total useful area that can be handed over to clients is 6265 square meters.

An overview of the facilities of Firuozeh shopping mall:

  • - One floor of a luxury restaurant (fourth floor, last floor), under the dome of the shopping mall with 1008 meters of catering hall and spectacular view of the Zayanderood river and Si-o-se-pol bridge
  • - A separate floor for food court (third floor) including 10 units providing food and beverages with an area of about 400 square meters and a common space of about 700 square meters, with high quality design along with backup systems and spaces for food court and restaurant. It also has a terrace with an area of 207 square meters overlooking the Zayandehrood River and Si-o-se-pol bridge.
  • - Adequate and suitable parking spaces is located in three basements.
  • - Adequate and sufficient number of rest rooms.

Owner and Investor:

Zayandehrood Housing Investment Company stablished as a central branch of the Housing Investment Company in 1990 and has implemented 902,000 square meters of residential, commercial and ministerial projects so far. Today, this company is one of the companies of the Housing Investment Group (affiliated to the Maskan Bank) as the owner and investor of the Firouzeh project.

For more information about Zayandehrood Housing Investment Company, click on the link below:

Zayandehrood Housing Investment company

project information:

- installation of first-class elevators and escalators associated with the latest technology

- Execution of interior architecture and stepped ceilings with the new and exquisite materials

- Architecture and design of an exclusive and modern decoration for the restaurant

- 61 commercial units and allocation of a large commercial unit

- Received the National Award of the country top steel structure in 2017

- intelligent parking lots with specific sensors

 -Ventilation, cooling and air conditioning system

- Automatic and manual fire extinguishing system, fresh air system and emergency lighting system by generator

 -Surveillance cameras and security system

- storage and cold storage facility

Project strategic consultant:

in the perspective of strategies of the presence of Firouzeh Shopping Mall in the market, The One Iranian Company positioned as a strategic consultant along with the project employer.

 In the contemporary viewpoint, shopping malls can have different positions such as social, luxury, family, cost-efficient, with unique architecture, etc., which can be an incentive to visit these malls. The position of shopping centers or their general approach would create their identity and creates their different value and position in the minds of the audience. The main approach that the shopping mall employ determines the audience and makes it possible to compete with others so that the shopping mall can find a better position in the network of shopping malls. The position defines the brand identity of the shopping mall and is an image of the brand that can be the key-point to the marketing strategies, based on which other strategies as pricing, marketing and project promotions can be arranged. The position that has been selected with the idea and consultation of The One Iranian Company for Firouzeh shopping mall of Isfahan is a luxury shopping center. Firouzeh Shopping mall is a small luxury center that provides services and convenience for the its' special audience.

Another key point that plays a very important role in the success of shopping centers is the operation management of shopping center, which leads to a permanent and quality life. The One Iranian Company is responsible for managing the operation of Firouzeh Shopping Center. The One Iranian activities in the field of operation management of Firouzeh shopping mall consider affairs from determining the category of each shop and selecting key tenants, efficient Tenant Mix, Brand Mix to the discussion of sales and owners, day-to-day management and advice on the required facilities.

Another responsibility of The One Iranian Company in this project is project branding consulting. After determining the brand position of Firouzeh Shopping Center through various marketing campaigns such as website design, marketing through social medias, and management of events and motivational promotions, etc., The one Iranian inform the shopping mall and consolidate its' brand position in the city.


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Urmia Citadium

Citadium shopping mall is under construction in a land of 53500 square meters in 7 floors in Urmia city, West Azerbaijan. By considering all the necessary standards in this commercial complex design, the investors and constructors aim to the most distinguished project of the province. Citadium positioning is defined based on a luxury shopping mall in scale of Urmia and all the cities around and to be competitive with shopping centers of neighbor countries. Urmia Citadium is supposed to be an entrance for all the famous brands and retails company to come into Iranian market in west part.

The perfect location of the project, beautiful architecture by YAP consulting company besides thorough facilities and services can undertake a very long-term effective life the mall and meet the expectations of the users.


Urmia Citadium  information:

- 5-storey shopping mall including hyper market and parking with predicting a place to further development of a cinema

- Considering one floor to food court and cafes with the highest standard of design

- Designing kids’ land, adequate floors of parking plots and hyper market

- Project development and construction in two phases of A and B based on an appropriate topography

- First phase consists of Hyper market development in addition to all the supportive areas and also a row of shops; all with the built-up area of 20376 square meters

- Second phase includes a 5-storey shopping mall with parking in every floor. The second phase built-up area is 99508 square meters

- The whole project built-up area is about 213000 square meters


The owner and investor:

Urmia Citadium is under construction by Bouka investment as a private company and also Urmia municipality.


Project Location:

Saadi Boulevard, Urmia city, West Azerbaijan


The One Iranian is strategic consultant of Citadium project. Based on The one's strategies the construction of the project is defined in two phases of development that assure the best project profit scenario and also help the branding of the project. Land allocation, opportunity study and value engineering of this project is done by The One. The One is also responsible for mall zoning, brand management, naming, visual identity, marketing and advertisement strategies, pricing and sales management in this project. 



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Rasht Citadium

Rasht is one of Iranian metropolitans where construction rate has been increased for several years. The city characteristic is changing from traditional into modern including the transformation of the general structure of the city. Due to the new requirements of City residents, these days we see numerous construction with different kind of land uses and Rasht is not an exception. Different private and governmental agencies have started already to invest on real estate project in this city. Among all these construction activities, considering a new shopping culture and entering lots of international brands into Iranian market, investing on commercial and shopping mall projects have been raised and attracted lots of interests.

Regarding this change in the market, the construction of Citadium project has been started in a very strategic location in connection with all the main accessibilities to the city center and also to the main cities around. This will attract different people both from Rasht and cities around.

Citadium shopping mall is under construction in a land of 51306 square meters in three floors with a built-area about 138000 square meters by YAP consulting group and Bonsar Architects. YAP is one of the most famous architecture group in Europe that knows the standards of commercial and shopping areas very well and Bonsar is one of the best Architects Group in Iran. Citadium will be the first place of Carrefour presence in north part of Iran and an area about 5000 square meters will be devoted to it with the name of HyperStar.

To get to know Bonsar, click on the link below:

 Bonsar Architects


The Owner of Rasht Citadium shopping mall is Avantgarde Deylaman.

For more information about Bouka, click on the link below:

Bouka Holding Company



 Project Information:

- 21000 square meters of GBA is considered in each floor

- There are 4 restaurants and cafes in each floor according to maintain the visitors’ welfare

- Designing the kids’ land area with a new concept

- A modern high-standardized food court area as a great anchor area

- High-capacity parking area with 1367 parking spots

- The construction time period is 24 months


Project Location:

Khomam Dist, Rasht-Anzali Road, Rasht, Gilan province, Iran.


The One Iranian is strategic consultant of Citadium project. Land allocation, opportunity study and value engineering of this project is done by The One. The One is also responsible for mall zoning, brand management, naming, visual identity, marketing and advertisement strategies, pricing and sales management in this project.  

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Rozet Residential Towers (Tehran)

Rozet residential towers have provided a unique opportunity for those who wish to experience a high standard of living. The project is under construction in a land of 10732 square meters with 65212.2 square meters of built-up area. Rozet consists of two towers located in heart of Tehran, district 5 (western Tehran), the greenest part of the city. The towers are 13-storey. There are 14 apartment units on every floor, which come in various sizes from 85 to 135 square meters.
Each tower has a stylish lobby on ground floor and is equipped with seven elevators and three fire escapes. Rozet is considered to be the largest construction project in District 5 and its accessibility is easy. In a short time, you can get on the main expressways and also there is a short drive to main streets, shopping centers and green areas of the region.
The eye-catching architecture of the towers, designed by Mr. Farzad Daliri, combined with the perfect facilities, has transformed Panorama into a luxurious and unique collection.

Rozet facilities:

- Modern hall and lobbies
- Separated swimming pools for men and women, equipped with saunas and steam rooms
- A well-equipped gym
- Meeting rooms in each tower to convene quick, emergency meetings, equipped with
- Community center with a spacious hall for large ceremonies
- Roof garden available to all residents
- Health road and walking trails
- Family cinema
- Kindergarten in each tower
- Outdoor tennis, volleyball and basketball courts
- Commercial units of 1035 square meters of welfare services
- 405 parking spaces for residents

Owner and investor:

The owner of the Rozet Residential Towers is Rahab Sakht Mahan construction company, a subsidiary of Bouka holding.
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Other Project Information:

- The space of spacious construction spaces with a total area of 28245 square meters
- Easy access through Shahid Hemmat and Shahid Bakeri highways
- Proximity to Metro Station
- Observance of the Islamic pattern and the absence of aristocratic units to each other
- Building management system
- Lighting of all units
- A convenient cooling and heating system
- Building Access control
- Firewalls and fire doors and fire alarm and control system
- Pleasant green area in and around the complex




Rozet Towers, Shahrak-e-Shohada Street, Al-Ghadir Square, Shahr-e-Ziba, Tehran, Iran


 The One Iranian has exclusive marketing and sales rights to Rozet Towers. Different activities like branding and defining project identity, pricing, advertisement campaigns and sales plans are under The One responsibilities. 

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Shahriar Commercial Complex

Shahriar Commercial Center is based on over 10800m2 building site and 108348m2 Gross Floor Area divided into 11 floors and it is currently under construction. This monumental commercial project is Shahriar City’s first commercial – leisure center and is located in city’s best spot in terms of business opportunities.

Notable design factors such as low-rise entrance steps which provide easy access to ground, first and second floor, combined with intelligent positioning of the elevators and escalators has boosted the flow of visitors and increased the popularity of this complex.

This unique project contains extensive features such as:

- Parking space with capacity of over 1000 cars

- Hyper Market with square footage of over 3600m2 (Second largest hyper market in Iran)

- 700 Commercial Units

- International Food court and restaurants

- Theme Park


The Investor and developer of this project is Foolad Ehsan Ahwaz.

Commercial and Technical Services Company of Foolad Ehsan Ahwaz was founded on November 19, 1999 under the registration number 157083 in the Company and Industrial Units Registry Office in Tehran and their current registered capital is two hundred billion IRR. The major activities of this company are in the fields of commerce, buying and selling activities, and specialized in the field of importing, buying and selling various metal bullions and similar products.

The holding companies of Foolad Ehsan includes:

1. Toseeh va Tejrat Rayiika under the registration number 40092 founded on April, 23, 2011 in Company and Industrial Units Registry Office in Tehran. The major activities of this company are in the fields of commerce, buying and selling computer and digital equipment and digital cameras.

2. Pergas Steel Company under the registration number 412511 founded on September 03, 2011 in Company and Industrial Units Registry Office in Tehran. They are currently working in 2 shifts in a factory with an area of 6000m2 located in Isfahan’s Industrial Development. The major activities of this company are in the fields of steel profiles, rebar, end plate, buying and selling nationally.

3.Zob va Navard Khorasan was founded in 2009 and since then they have been producing beams and other steel products.


Some of the other facilities of this project include:

- 6 Elevators to access commercial-leisure-restaurant spaces and themed park

- 2 freight lifts

- 6 stairways

- 30 escalators

- 2 electrical ramps

- 2 car ramps (with width of over 8 meters) located at different ends of the building which have separate entrance and exit gateways.

- Fire Detector and Extinguisher Systems

Technical and engineering team responsible for construction of this project possesses the highest level of quality, skills and workmanship. Some of the innovative construction technologies used for this project includes concrete frame (for underground floors), steel frame (nuts and bolts for ground and upper floors) Cobiax Ceiling for the concrete framed and metal decking for the steel framed section. According to the construction program and critical path, this project will be completed and delivered between March and September 2015.


In fall 2015, The One Iranian took responsibility for marketing and sales of this unique project.

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