Lexon 30–Storey luxury Commercial – Office building, which is located on the eastern coast of Great Tehran Lake, is currently under construction. This project has been designed by Farzad Daliri Architectural Group. The project is based on Baq Aramesh (Calmness resort), with an area of 18 hectares, and benefits from direct view of Great Tehran Lake. This project is financed by Abnieh Hemmat Development who is also the main beneficiary.

Lexon, with 188 office units and 60 commercial units, is based on 3700m2 of building area and total floor area of 69000m2. Defined uses of Home Office, Just Office, Service Office and Commercial spaces has made this building one of the most remarkable commercial – office complexes of Tehran.

The investor and Financier:

Abnieh Hemmat Development is a subsidiary of Nemooneh Rasa Corporation which was founded in 2012 and has managed to gain extensive experience in investments andvarious construction projects in Tehran. Lexon is currently one of their most distinctive projects.


The One Iranian has been responsible for various activities related to this project such as: Branding, Project characterization which includes: Naming, Logo Design, Sales’ Office Design, interior decoration and also pricing strategy planning and sales and marketing activities.

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