Opportunity Studies

This is known as the cheap and fast method of analyzing the market in order to create an investment opportunity.

In The One Iranian our dedicated team of experts in the field of international business use the latest research methods to provide their clients with an in depth analysis of opportunity studies, in order to meet the needs of the real estate market.

Since now there has never been such drastic increase of prices in real estate market and for this reason the investors did not use to focus on these types of research at design and planning stages. This has led a change in the behavior of end users and in effect it has also caused many problems for construction projects.

In the offered method of opportunity study by The One Iranian, it is required that the investors provide their limits and boundaries of investigations to their chosen consultant so that the best options are selected to match the employer’s economic model and brand.

In opportunity studies it is essential to form a mutual strategic planning team consisting of expert consultants and investors. The One Iranian aims to create a real vision of the market for potential investors avoiding any inflated income estimations. These estimations are adjusted to the current market realities and also there will be a logical explanation of the execution costs provided by an economic analysis of the chosen routes.

It is important to mention that as it obvious from the definition of opportunity study, the outcome is aimed to assist the investor to understand the process of entering in to investment projects. The next step is to design phase zero of the programme by cooperating with the consultancy company, chosen architect and expert views of the investor.

At The One Iranian the chosen system is defined in a way that after this step, within the mutual strategic planning team and the client, a variety of preferred scenarios will be provided and after analyzing them and becoming to an agreement with the client, an executive summary will be passed on to the consultant in order to create a brief design.

It provides a clear and general scope of the city and province in which the project is located and also identifies the current situation of the ongoing commercial and residential project. After that different teams of market researchers, economic experts, engineers and architects will create the chosen routes and in the next step the senior sales and marketing experts of The One Iranian will level and standardize the available options to meet the requirements of the economic model of client and eliminate the unaccepted choices. The finalized routes and options will be produced as a report and will be delivered to the investor.