Creation of Market Research Sector Suitable for Designing and Execution of Marketing Strategies

The One has set the goal of performing scientific sales and marketing engineering by latest methods (consulting with national and international advisors) and are trying to meet their goals by carrying out the following activities for clients’ projects:

·         - Branding of Projects and  Companies

A company’s brand is an identity, credit, reputation or unpopularity, which will be remembered by customers. A brand creates an image of a company in customer’s mind which makes it more than just a simple name. The One Iranian will ensure that branding activities are aimed to create a positive image of the client’s company in customer’s minds in relation to their projects. Branding activities such as project visualization, mind symbol determination and positioning will be achieved as the project is being developed through time by effective advertisement.

·         - Project Identity

One of the important activities in the project branding process is to give it an identity and make the project stand out from other similar projects. This is done by studying and analysis of the project, identification of interests and tastes of the target market and by analyzing similar ongoing projects.

·         - Staged SWOT study is used to collect up-to-date information of the market and reaching the goals of planned strategies

·         - Designing a marketing strategy , based on analysis of market information, which is compatible with market conditions

·         - Constant analysis of competitors activities

·         - Designing and publication of written advertisement tools :

o   Design and publication of a brochure 

o   Design and publication of a catalogue

o   Design and publication of necessary posters

o   Design and publication of multimedia CD for the complex

o   Formulation of a newspaper advertisement campaign and designing the related advertisements

o   Designing and publication of advertisement banners at the location of the project

o   Designing and production of advertising complimentary products

o   Designing and lunching a website

o   Identification of the needed articles to include in the website

o   Dynamic design of website pages

o   Nomination and registration of the needed host for the website

o   Updating the news and activities of the project on the website

·         - Creation of SMS Box for the project and also performing SMS Marketing:

The use of SMS can meet different goals such as advertisement, new update, visualization and sales. Sending messages is one of the most useful communication tools which will be used many times in the following stages. It will be also useful for CRM purposes.

·         - Design of software which can be used both online and offline to record customers’ information based on a predesign format.

One of the most vital parts of a marketing sector is recording and analysis of visitors and customers’ information. The valuable outcome of this process will inform us of the requirements of target market. The One Iranian has designed software, which is being used right now, to mechanize this process.

·         - Establishment of dynamic information centers all around the target city

·         - Taking an active part in exhibition centers.

·         - Industrial and professional photo shooting and film recording of projects.

·         - Preparation of advertisement tools in English for the purpose of taking part in international exhibitions.

·         - Introducing the project in all exhibitions where The One Iranian will take part  in (national or international)

·        -  Increase the contact surface with market in order to increase the chance of meeting new customers.