Design and Execution of Pricing Strategies

Pricing a project is one of the main concerns of chief executive officers. An accurate and effective pricing of a project based on the market value is an important factor for attracting customers and also can cause problems for competitors.

An overview of the goals of pricing includes:

·         - Company’s survival: Accurate pricing will guarantee the survival of a company

·         - Maximized Profit: An appropriate pricing can add value by keeping an effective supply chain

·         - Accessing a great share of the market:  an appropriate pricing can lead up to effective sales which can increase the market share of a company.

·        -  Facing some of the competitors: Some strategic pricing can be used as an element of dealing with some of the competitors.

·         Provision of an image of the company: Pricing system can provide an image of a company in relation to high quality of products, services and the company brand. Product Clinique is one of the market research techniques which is used to obtain and analyze clients’ opinions regarding new products of a company. Companies are able to use Product Clinique to obtain series of technical, economical and sociological information and by analyzing these data they will be able to access the best marketing strategies in the field of 4Ps. Product Clinique can also provide effective pricing information to different organizations. These organizations will be able to choose the most effective price for their products and services, by taking a variety of factors such as organizational influences, market and customers into account.

·         In marketing field a number of pricing methods have been introduced. One of these methods is based on the customers’ preference or in other words pricing based on the market acceptance. Organizations can take all their products and service costs into account and by use of this method they will be able to offer the most effective prices to their customers. Different periods will require different price offering for project deliveries, based on the maker conditions. This is an essential factor which requires careful consideration and making a conscientious decision. Regarding this The One will be able to offer:

o   Analysis of the market situation

o   Pricing or price estimations based on sales stages (cash payment or installments)

o   Design and determination of payment methods

o   Price revision based on SWOT studies and according to conditional changes

The One’s experience and proficiency assist them to be prepared for any sudden changes such as increase or decrease in price or introduction of new rivals in the competition.