Establishment of Sales Department, Carry out Design Activities and Execution of Sales Strategies

By performing marketing activities and informing customers, they will definitely attend sales offices. The One Iranian will contribute to the following sales activity projects:

·         Formulation of variety of sales methods (Cash, Instalments, staged, mass payment, etc)

·         Training a professional sales team (trained to perform business negotiations and sales)

·         Establishment of sales office in project location

·         Establishment of a sales office in United Arab Emirates fitted with all required options (After the completion of preparation of advertisement tools in an international language)

·         Use of Freelancers for mass sales purposes

·         Building the foundation for introduction of new investors to project.

The main goal of The One Iranian in dynamic sales strategies is to benefit from the following two factors:

1.      1.  Increase the speed of the project sale (This process will increase the rate of investment return and also increase the interest rate)

2.      2.  Adaptation of premium for company’s project to introduce The One as a firm with many demandable and interesting projects.