Lexon is a brilliant project in the history of The One Iranian. We consider it as the starting point of conveying modern concepts in branding and premiumizing in high rise buildings. We sincerely hope that different dimensions of branding in the construction industry would be considered in all projects especially high rise buildings.

Lexon, which was primarily named as Sahel-e-Sharghi, is located in the east zone of second ring around Chitgar Lake. The marketing, branding and sales of this project was assigned to The One Iranian in 2014. Tose’eh Abniye Hemmat Co. is the employer of this project Farzad Daliri, the internationally renowned architect; is the exclusive designer.

About Abniyeh-Hemmat Co., the owner and investor of Lexon: 106 shareholders of Tose’eh Abniye Hemmat Co. registered under 424074; consist of a number of experienced managers in the real estate industry along with other successful executives and employees in science and culture fields. This company has valuable experience of construction and delivering in the promised time in investment and construction of various projects in Tehran. Lexon tower, one of the most phenomenal projects of this company, is designed in a land of 5400 square meter with 100,000 square meter of built up area and in 30 stories, concluding 260 office units and 90 residential units.

Combining the “renowned architect” with “suitable location” and “choosing unique ideas” with the help of professional consultancy from The One Iranian, the young and intelligent employer of Lexon was able to put together all pieces of success puzzle in construction industry. The primary idea for commercial floors was “wedding center” which was instantly recognized as the wrong market entry strategy and incorrect positioning by The One Iranian. The financing was planned to be through selling stock sheets to the shareholders and the employers. In that case, the shareholders had two options, they could either get paid in cash in return for their shares or the shares would turn into units of the project with a reasonable price. That is when the urge to premiumize the position of this project was highly felt.

 After conducting extensive opportunity study and performing a comprehensive market research, The One Iranian convinced the employer to temporarily eliminate the wedding center use from their sales and marketing activities, so that the process of positioning would be integrated. Considering the financing method and as a result of deep studies done in the subject of profitability of high rise buildings, the need to premiumize office units of Lexon was highly felt by The One Iranian.

After establishing the position, the process of defining brand identity was started through four pillars: “Location”, “Brand Image”, “Services” and “Performance”.

In the first step of branding, location of the project was carefully examined. This project had great urban access and the proximity to the lake considering Bam Land project which was under construction back then, was counted as a great competitive advantage. This factor was used as a leverage when planning scenarios for marketing negotiations, as The One Iranian believed in this competitive advantage and in the success of Bam Land project. During the negotiations, The One Iranian compared Bam Land to JBR in Dubai and strongly believed that the social livelihood of this region would have an influence on Lexon.

In the branding phase, The One Iranian renamed the project using the clever combination of the words “Lake”, “Zone” and “Luxury” in order to level up the brand image. Designing logo and visual identity as well as a luxury catalogue in accordance with the identity of the project, putting the professionally trained people in the negotiation team and designing the information office are some of the tasks completed in the second phase of branding. One of the main challenges of The One Iranian team was to convince the employer to set a luxury sales office in proximity to the project which was a success. The luxury identity of the project was mirrored in each detail of the sales office. Considering the dominant atmosphere of district 22, this was the first time a project with such quality was defined. The process of marketing was divided into several steps and designed considering the premium position. Hosting private launch events before public announcement such as private launches for actors and artists and horseback riding races are some of the events held for this purpose.

Today the subject of service in high rise buildings is one of the key factors in development, making it an important feature for the buyers. Service in office buildings are of high importance and in order to be provided with quality, the support units are needed to be designed from the first steps of conveying the concept. In Lexon tower, special features and facilities for commercial units, special office, home office and luxury commercials, defining suitable space for shared area, defining hoteling services, etc. are designated by The One Iranian. Designing a win-win payment system with pre-sale contract and payment in accordance with physical progress are some of the other actions done in the third phase that would create trust in the minds of the buyers, providing them with a sense of ease and comfort.

One of the most effective actions in branding is to create a unique performance in accordance with the characteristics and of the target audience, which was brought to Lexon through creating the concept of Home Office for the first time in Iran. A space allocated to small or independence businesses combined with residential space is called Home Office. Home Offices are usually equipped with teleworking systems and communicational facilities mandatory for them. Unlike office buildings, the timing is flexible in these concepts, enabling people to customize their schedules according to their individual plans. Home Office concepts are applicable in all residential units, however; since it’s a novel concept for development of towers and buildings, service and management staffs and units are needed. As for its interior design, a Home Office must have both the facilities of a residential and office buildings. Sometimes the plans are openly designed so that users can divide the space as they wish. Buildings that are planned to be used as Home Office must include lobbies with appropriate facilities and service units such as dry cleaning, supermarket, catering, taxi, etc. Similar to the concept of Home Office, Officetel is very popular in South Korea, which refers to the mixed-use buildings with both residential and commercial units. Confining urban transportation, Officetel is a popular concept enabling people to work and live in the same building. Therefore, the residents are mostly lawyers, accountants, auditors, teachers and all professions related to education and teaching and artists. After a series of comprehensive market research, The One Iranian offered the Home Office use as the main tool to premiumize Lexon tower and convinced the employer to execute this idea. Thus, the concept of premium office building was applied for the first time in Iran, inspiring many similar projects in the future.

The case study of Lexon was taught at the high rise building conference, highlighted as the chosen workshop in finance and economic section. The article regarding Lexon project was printed in the official conference pamphlet, available for everyone to study and learn from.

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