The residential complex of Drak is located in one of the best spots of Shiraz City and benefits from the beautiful mountain sight of Drak Mountains. This complex has been designed by Mr. Hadi Mirmiran, who is one of the most honorable and well known Iranian architects. Drak complex is mostly residential units combined with a few commercial units.

This complex is made of separate buildings which their names and details are listed below:

Residential units have been designed and offered in various sizes (minimum 76m2 and maximum of 245m2), divided into 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms and also duplexes of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms.


The Investor and owner of the project is Maskan Jonoob Investment Co.:

Maskan Jonoob Investment Co., which is a subsidiary company of Maskan Madar holding, was founded in 2007 from representatives of South, Kish and Hormozgan holding companies and it was established to be active in various industries. Drak is one of the most unique projects of Maskan Jonoob, located in Shiraz. This company has used its extraordinary background in high-rise construction, modern technology and innovative knowledge combined with vast experience of project teams of management, engineering and professionals and also partnering with top sub-contracting companies to build this remarkable project using the most modern technologies.


Other Information:

Drak’s Building Units’ Facilities:

- Ceramic floors for the living and dining areas, HDF hardwood or carpet floors in rooms

- Wooden doors and cupboards, HDF cornices

- Lighting and extended unit ceiling and corridors made from knauf system

- Heating system, zonal heating system for each building unit transferred by central heating

- Cooling system, Package split air-conditioning system by independent transfer canal to each building unit

- Emergency lightning for common spaces

- Addressable fire alarm system, Central telephone lines, Intercom system, Network Signal lightning arrester, Central Antenna

- Leisure Facilities of the Complex:

- Leisure – Sports Centre

- Commercial Units

- Kids Park

- Common Room

- Educational Center

- Resident Managing Director’s Building

- Green Space

- Security Units


In 2009, The One Iranian was nominated as the sole sales and marketing agent of 600 units of this project for the duration of 2 years. Some of the highest achievements of this company were in the areas such as: strategical planning, physical improvement plans, financing and sales of the building units.

To find out more information, please visit Maskan Investment Co. website:


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