Zeytoon Ahwaz Shopping Center is one of the biggest commercial constructions of Ahwaz City and is located in one of the best spots. This complex consist of 143 commercial units in square footages of 15 to 30m2 divided into 6 floors.

Financier and the main contractor of the project, Carnick Saz, was established in1999. This company has many years of experience in residential, commercial and office construction project. Their experience includes successful projects such as: Meli Rah International Commercial Center, Philsophe Bazar, Bahar Bazar, Bahonar Building, Qeshm Qadim Bazar (Qeshm Island) and Zeytoon Shopping Center which is one of the most unique projects of Ahwaz city.

The One Iranian was nominated as the sales and marketing agent which their responsibility included: Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research, Opportunity Study, Pricing, Payment Method Planning and also Advertising Campaigns.

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