Roset project has an area of 53470m2 and floor area of 178576m2. This project is located 2km away from Sir Mountain, 10km away from Band Leisure Center, at the end of Saedi 2 Boulevard, in Uroumieh City. This project is aiming to provide the residents of Oroumieh with shopping area which includes famous national and international brands and quality products. This complex exceeds its expectations with inclusion of themed park, two movie theatres and conference center, which has turned it into a modern leisure center for families.

Roset project was financed by Anbooh Sazan Parto Shahr, and Finance and Investment Department of Oroumieh City Council was in charge of project execution.

The One Iranian was responsible for Pricing Strategy Planning, Marketing which includes Product Definition and Branding of the project.

To find out more information please visit Uroumieh City Council’s Website.

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