Palm Plaza is located in one of the most charming areas of Kelarabad, 190 km from Sari, the provincial capital, and 212 km from Tehran. It is designed with a dignified atmosphere in the forest plain and adjacent to the river, and is specifically designed for a particular lifestyle. The town is in an area of 86,000 square meters with a total area of 25,000 square meters for shared area, with 64 villas and exclusive facilities, and is located in a very small distance from the coastal road outside a native texture.


Palm Plaza information:
Palm Plaza villas are designed in eight different types: Romance, Diamond, Royal, Victoria, Crown, Imperial, Flora and Queen. This villa are designed and under construction in lands of 700-1,200 square meters and the area of the villas is from 360 to 870 square meters according to the customers' requirements, so that each type of villa in addition to its unique architectural design is extinctive for its land area. Palm Plaza complex is designed for a limited number of villas, with the main purpose of providing luxurious and high standard services to residents. 24-hour management of the town and offering hotel services to individuals is one of the features that distinguish Palm Plaza from other similar projects. The use of high quality and unique plant species, beautiful design and the use of palm trees in the project are all to increase the level of comfort and tranquility of the residents.

Palm Plaza facilities:
- Recreational-sports complex with a total area of 2,000 square meters including a covered swimming pool with modern architecture, dry and steam sauna, gym, billiard room, game net, table tennis and so on
- A 300 meter walkway for walking and cycling in a calm and lush environment with a beautifully designed, handmade fountain with smart fountains and night lighting
- Modern drainage system with 100% efficiency for rainwater transfer
- 300 palm trees for beauty and special environmental design
- Gardening and designing green spaces, using the most unique and best-quality types of plants and modern equipment for the construction and maintenance of green spaces
- The use of Lawson plant to delineate the space of the villas
- Providing hotel services for cleaning and maintenance of villas and the supply and delivery system for the needs of residents without the need to their presentce
- Do laundry without the need of residents’ presence
- 24-hour security
- Providing 24 hour maintenance and maintenance services (Facilities Management)
- Design suitable space for special events on the southwest side of the waterfront; a special place with well-equipped sound system; Beautiful interior design and efficient management.

The Owner and Investors:
The design and architecture of this town is carried out by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Nour and its owners are Mohsen Pir Saleh and Mehdi Ramezani.

Project Location:
Palm Plaza villa town, Kaj st., in front of municipality building, Kelarabad, Mazandaran



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