Zafar Residential Project (Tehran)

Zafar Residential Project is based on over 5000m2 land and 37000m2 floor area.This project is located on Farzan Qarbi St, and is very close to Vali-e-Asr St. This building consists of 120 residential units, with sizes of 130 to 340m2 divided into 24 floors. Zafar Building includes welfare facilities and has been designed to comply with high-rise pyramid building scheme.

This project benefits from accessing Moddares, Haghani, Hemmat, Kurdestan and Niyayesh Highway. Provision of substantial terrace spaces has provided the residents of the residents of upper floors with an exclusive view. Important factors such as the land dimensions and compliance with pyramid scheme have great positive impacts on the organized aesthetics and symmetrical volume of the building.

The employer of this project, Nozasi va Sakhteman Tehran (NOSA), aimed to use this project to attract investments, directly facilitate savings, mass construction and invest in capital market.

In 2013The One Iranian took the responsibility to research the related marketing and sales which included Pricing and Strategic Sales Planning.