Araj Garden (Tariyana) (Tehran)

Tariyana project is located in Araj district. This region is accessible to Artesh Highway from north, Shahid Babayi from south, Imam Ali from east and Shahid Langari and Araj Square from its west side. The two most important factors to note about this district are: Presence of the highest number of military organizations throughout this region which is more than the total number of the military organizations of the whole district, and also presence of Oqaf Garden which is the main source of oxygen and clean air production of the Araj region and the surrounding areas. This huge garden, which has been donated, is the subject of Tariana’s Opportunity Study.

The first chapter of this study, which is titled as market research, aimed to obtain and analyze the qualitative and quantitative data about Araj and its surrounding districts such as: Farmaniye, Niyavaran, Zaferaniye, Tajrish, Ozgol, Aqdasiyeh, Ajodaniyeh, Dar-Abad, Kashanak and Sohanak.

Distinctive construction projects and also the consumer behavior of these regions have been identified and analyzed. The second chapter of this study analyzes the view of market towards the idea of donation. The current donated construction projects of Tehran have been studied to analyze and classify their characteristics. The other part of this research includes learning target markets’ mentality towards donated properties.

Final chapter, based on the outcome of previous chapters, difined various scenarios and financial analysis such as: Project Costs, Phased Execution Plan, Cost and Income Distribution, Cash Flow, Financial Indexes, Sensitivity Analysis and Project Finance.