Hakim Twin Tower Opportunity Study (Tehran)

Behnad Bana Building Group, which is one of the most credible construction company, was interested in building a project on 6662m2 land located near Hakim Highway. Therefore, in 2014 The One Iranian and Behnad Bana agreed on a mutual partnership to achieve the following goals:

Phase 1: Regional Investigation; which includes identification of the surrounding design patterns, especially patterns used in successful projects.

Phase 2: Market Research, Identification and Analysis of Competition Advantages, Target Market Identification, etc.

Phase 3: Financial Analysis; which includes Project Cost Income, Budget Suggestions, Financial Index Calculation, etc.

This study has been produced in 6 different reports, and the context of each report is as follows:

Part 1: Regional Analysis and Greater City of Tehran Study

Part 2: Evaluation of distinctive towers (completed or under construction) on the boundary of the project

Part 3: Evaluation of successful projects in Tehran, Iran and also Finance Centers in Middle East.

Part 4: Review of Office Space Standards

Part 5: Suggested Scenarios and Financial Analysis (3 Development Scenarios)

Part 6: Field Investigation of 140 office units in Tehran

Three different scenarios have been prepared for Hakim Tower Development, which is based on land with an area of 6662m2, and all of them include 9 floors underground, 1 ground floor, 1 semi-ground floor, and 38 floors above semi-ground floor. The main differences in these scenarios are in quality of construction, market delivery method and project finance.