Sparow project in Rasht

In the fall of 2018 The One Iranian started a market research and opportunity study for Sparow project in Rasht with Pars Sazeh as the employer.

The workforce started its activities with studying urban planning documents and total rules and regulations in order to gain information about the city and its specifications. Consideration of city development plans are mandatory in the process of opportunity study, as they should not be ignored while creating final concepts.

In the next step, market research team travelled to Rasht to start its field research. Field research or market research in Sparow project consists of 3 main topics and the main goal is to reach fully recognition of citizens, competitors and real growth and development pattern of the city. Studying and analyzing the economic, social and contextual features of different districts of the city, categorizing the cores of activities and businesses, gathering the information about prices and the types of allocation of commercial, office and residential buildings, identifying the potential competitors in different phases (built, under development and under construction), analysis of the needs, shortcomings and potential for growth, interviewing with different segmentations of citizens or people who are familiar with the city; are all the main topics of field research.

The next phase of this study is the explanation of functional features, standards and national and international case studies regarding to all possible uses for creating development scenarios. Nobel concepts and modern construction, development and management standards should all be considered as models for developing a successful project so that not only the demands of the target market are met in, but the possible errors and mistakes would be avoided.

The final phase of this study consists of the explanation of possible development scenarios for the project. While creating development scenarios market demands, employer’s preferences, the ups and downs in real estate market and development concepts were considered and shared in sessions with task force and the employer. Financial analysis in each phase of developments of scenarios has provides the employer and task force a better understanding about pros and cons of each scenario. Finally, top scenarios were presented to the employer with the purpose of making the right choice for development according to their fundamental strategies. The One Iranian as the undetectable part of Iran’s construction industry provides market research service and opportunity studies for construction projects with the help of collective wisdom and experts’ knowledge so that the outcome of each project is aligned with the employers’ structures, standards and preferences, hence will lead to full satisfaction of the employers.