Millennium Tower

In 2019 October, The One Iranian Company started its cooperation with the cooperative housing company of Ashiyaneh Hezareh Sevvom Iranian (Iranian’s house for the 3rd millennium) for opportunities studies and also value engineering of Millennium Project.

Having 32 floors on the ground with the area of 15200 square meters and the infrastructure of 123000 square meters, Millennium is located in Hemmat Highway at the junction of Sheikh Bahayi St. in Tehran.

17 years has passed from the primary plan of Millennium project (the 3rd millennium) and it has been some years that the metal skeleton of this half-constructed project is showing off Hemmat highway. Different stories have been told about leaving the Millennium project unfinished. Some of people think of legal issues as the reason behind leaving the first completely-metal skeleton of a building unfinished and others think of financial ones, but they mostly agree on not having the expected profit in the project because of a long-term stop and believe that it being finished is unlikely and farfetched.

As the strategic consultant in the project, The One Iranian Company began its opportunity studies in the autumn of 2019 and its main purpose in such studies was to define a new concept and identity complied with the strategies of offering premium prices in order to get out of project crisis.

A successful sale requires a successful strategy in development!

Our primary slogon in codification of concepts for opportunity studies is to present the development concept in a way that The One Iranian Company, as the marketing and sales consultant, can sell the units by itself in the most effective period of time, so these studies are carried in the most operational and realistic way and in accordance with the present needs of addressees, predication of their future requirements and lifestyle. These days, potential customers enter into transactions with awareness and a clear view, therefore providing services and codification of concepts needs caution and we should pay attention to the taste of potential customers.

Economic knowledge, experience in developing real estate, mastery over construction concepts, knowing the customers greatly and also being aware of employer’s problems are all the criteria considered for making decision in the process of presenting developing concepts. Numerous meetings in specialized workgroups with industry elites and the members of Ashiyaneh Hezareh Sevvom Iranian Cooperation were held that finally led to a proper suggestion in compliance with the dimensions of the issue and a modern brand in administration industry was launched. The last suggestion from The One Iranian Company for Millennium tower is launching an administration brand, so its primary residential use changed. This official tower has the following potentialities:

  • Turning into a symbol of Tehran,
  • Big and famous companies will be eager to participate in it,
  • The new concepts of property management, operation and reception management are all meaningful in it,
  • Its commercial and service uses are defined with profitable and thriving viewpoints,
  • It covers a wide range of customers,
  • It is the correct answer to economic complexities and financial issues of the tower investors’,
  • And at the end it will be an everlasting name.

After presenting the findings of opportunity studies for Millennium tower to the contractor in May 2019, The One’s cooperation and presence in this project ended.