Palm Plaza Villa Town (Kelarabad)

Palm Plaza is located in one of the most charming areas of Kelarabad, 190 km from Sari, the provincial capital, and 212 km from Tehran. It is designed with a dignified atmosphere in the forest plain and adjacent to the river, and is specifically designed for a particular lifestyle. The town is in an area of 86,000 square meters with a total area of 25,000 square meters for shared area, with 64 villas and exclusive facilities, and is located in a very small distance from the coastal road outside a native texture.


Palm Plaza information:
Palm Plaza villas are designed in eight different types: Romance, Diamond, Royal, Victoria, Crown, Imperial, Flora and Queen. This villa are designed and under construction in lands of 700-1,200 square meters and the area of the villas is from 360 to 870 square meters according to the customers' requirements, so that each type of villa in addition to its unique architectural design is extinctive for its land area. Palm Plaza complex is designed for a limited number of villas, with the main purpose of providing luxurious and high standard services to residents. 24-hour management of the town and offering hotel services to individuals is one of the features that distinguish Palm Plaza from other similar projects. The use of high quality and unique plant species, beautiful design and the use of palm trees in the project are all to increase the level of comfort and tranquility of the residents.

Palm Plaza facilities:
- Recreational-sports complex with a total area of 2,000 square meters including a covered swimming pool with modern architecture, dry and steam sauna, gym, billiard room, game net, table tennis and so on
- A 300 meter walkway for walking and cycling in a calm and lush environment with a beautifully designed, handmade fountain with smart fountains and night lighting
- Modern drainage system with 100% efficiency for rainwater transfer
- 300 palm trees for beauty and special environmental design
- Gardening and designing green spaces, using the most unique and best-quality types of plants and modern equipment for the construction and maintenance of green spaces
- The use of Lawson plant to delineate the space of the villas
- Providing hotel services for cleaning and maintenance of villas and the supply and delivery system for the needs of residents without the need to their presentce
- Do laundry without the need of residents’ presence
- 24-hour security
- Providing 24 hour maintenance and maintenance services (Facilities Management)
- Design suitable space for special events on the southwest side of the waterfront; a special place with well-equipped sound system; Beautiful interior design and efficient management.

The Owner and Investors:
The design and architecture of this town is carried out by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Nour and its owners are Mohsen Pir Saleh and Mehdi Ramezani.

Project Location:
Palm Plaza villa town, Kaj st., in front of municipality building, Kelarabad, Mazandaran


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Citadium Urmia

Citadium shopping mall is under construction in a land of 53500 square meters in 5 floors in Urmia city, West Azerbaijan. By considering all the necessary standards in this commercial complex design, the investors and constructors aim to the most distinguished project of the province. Citadium positioning is defined based on a luxury shopping mall in scale of Urmia and all the cities around and to be competitive with shopping centers of neighbor countries. Citadium Urmia is supposed to be an entrance for all the famous brands and retails company to come into Iranian market in west part.

The perfect location of the project, beautiful architecture by YAP consulting company besides thorough facilities and services can undertake a very long-term effective life the mall and meet the expectations of the users.


Citadium Urmia information:

- 5-storey shopping mall including hyper market and parking with predicting a place to further development of a cinema

- Considering one floor to food court and cafes with the highest standard of design

- Designing kids’ land, 8 floors of parking plots and hyper market

- Project development and construction in two phases of A and B based on an appropriate topography

- First phase consists of Hyper market development in addition to all the supportive areas and also a row of shops; all with the built-up area of 20376 square meters

- Second phase includes a 5-storey shopping mall with parking in every floor. The second phase built-up area is 99508 square meters

- The whole project built-up area is about 119884 square meters


The owner and investor:

Citadium Urmia is under construction by Bouka investment as a private company and also Urmia municipality.


Project Location:

Saadi Boulevard, Urmia city, West Azerbaijan


The One Iranian is strategic consultant of Citadium project. Based on The one's strategies the construction of the project is defined in two phases of development that assure the best project profit scenario and also help the branding of the project. Land allocation, opportunity study and value engineering of this project is done by The One. The One is also responsible for mall zoning, brand management, naming, visual identity, marketing and advertisement strategies, pricing and sales management in this project. 



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Citadium Rasht

Rasht is one of Iranian metropolitans where construction rate has been increased for several years. The city characteristic is changing from traditional into modern including the transformation of the general structure of the city. Due to the new requirements of City residents, these days we see numerous construction with different kind of land uses and Rasht is not an exception. Different private and governmental agencies have started already to invest on real estate project in this city. Among all these construction activities, considering a new shopping culture and entering lots of international brands into Iranian market, investing on commercial and shopping mall projects have been raised and attracted lots of interests.

Regarding this change in the market, the construction of Citadium project has been started in a very strategic location in connection with all the main accessibilities to the city center and also to the main cities around. This will attract different people both from Rasht and cities around.

Citadium shopping mall is under construction in a land of 51306 square meters in three floors with a built-area of 65000 square meters by YAP consulting group. YAP is one of the most famous architecture group in Europe that knows the standards of commercial and shopping areas very well. Citadium will be the first place of Carrefour presence in north part of Iran and an area of 10000 square meters will be devoted to it with the name of Hyper Star.

To get to know YAP group, click on the link below:

YAP Architecture Group


 The owner and investor:

The investor of Citadium Rasht shopping mall is Bouka company and Rahab Arte Iranian compant is responsible for construction management.

For more information about Bouka, click on the link below:

Bouka Holding Company



 Project Information:

- 21000 square meters of GBA is considered in each floor

- There are 4 restaurants and cafes in each floor according to maintain the visitors’ welfare

- Designing the kids’ land area with a new concept

- A modern high-standardized food court area as a great anchor area

- High-capacity parking area with 1367 parking spots

- The construction time period is 24 months


Project Location:

Rasht-Anzali road, Rasht, Gilan province


The One Iranian is strategic consultant of Citadium project. Land allocation, opportunity study and value engineering of this project is done by The One. The One is also responsible for mall zoning, brand management, naming, visual identity, marketing and advertisement strategies, pricing and sales management in this project.  

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Rozet Residential Towers (Tehran)

Rozet residential towers have provided a unique opportunity for those who wish to experience a high standard of living. The project is under construction in a land of 10732 square meters with 65212.2 square meters of built-up area. Rozet consists of two towers located in heart of Tehran, district 5 (western Tehran), the greenest part of the city. The towers are 13-storey. There are 14 apartment units on every floor, which come in various sizes from 85 to 135 square meters.
Each tower has a stylish lobby on ground floor and is equipped with seven elevators and three fire escapes. Rozet is considered to be the largest construction project in District 5 and its accessibility is easy. In a short time, you can get on the main expressways and also there is a short drive to main streets, shopping centers and green areas of the region.
The eye-catching architecture of the towers, designed by Mr. Farzad Daliri, combined with the perfect facilities, has transformed Panorama into a luxurious and unique collection.

Rozet facilities:

- Modern hall and lobbies
- Separated swimming pools for men and women, equipped with saunas and steam rooms
- A well-equipped gym
- Meeting rooms in each tower to convene quick, emergency meetings, equipped with
- Community center with a spacious hall for large ceremonies
- Roof garden available to all residents
- Health road and walking trails
- Family cinema
- Kindergarten in each tower
- Outdoor tennis, volleyball and basketball courts
- Commercial units of 1035 square meters of welfare services
- 405 parking spaces for residents

Owner and investor:

The owner of the Rozet Residential Towers is Rahab Sakht Mahan construction company, a subsidiary of Bouka holding.
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Other Project Information:

- The space of spacious construction spaces with a total area of 28245 square meters
- Easy access through Shahid Hemmat and Shahid Bakeri highways
- Proximity to Metro Station
- Observance of the Islamic pattern and the absence of aristocratic units to each other
- Building management system
- Lighting of all units
- A convenient cooling and heating system
- Building Access control
- Firewalls and fire doors and fire alarm and control system
- Pleasant green area in and around the complex




Rozet Towers, Shahrak-e-Shohada Street, Al-Ghadir Square, Shahr-e-Ziba, Tehran, Iran


 The One Iranian has exclusive marketing and sales rights to Rozet Towers. Different activities like branding and defining project identity, pricing, advertisement campaigns and sales plans are under The One responsibilities. 

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Shahriar Commercial Complex

Shahriar Commercial Center is based on over 10800m2 building site and 108348m2 Gross Floor Area divided into 11 floors and it is currently under construction. This monumental commercial project is Shahriar City’s first commercial – leisure center and is located in city’s best spot in terms of business opportunities.

Notable design factors such as low-rise entrance steps which provide easy access to ground, first and second floor, combined with intelligent positioning of the elevators and escalators has boosted the flow of visitors and increased the popularity of this complex.

This unique project contains extensive features such as:

- Parking space with capacity of over 1000 cars

- Hyper Market with square footage of over 3600m2 (Second largest hyper market in Iran)

- 700 Commercial Units

- International Food court and restaurants

- Theme Park


The Investor and developer of this project is Foolad Ehsan Ahwaz.

Commercial and Technical Services Company of Foolad Ehsan Ahwaz was founded on November 19, 1999 under the registration number 157083 in the Company and Industrial Units Registry Office in Tehran and their current registered capital is two hundred billion IRR. The major activities of this company are in the fields of commerce, buying and selling activities, and specialized in the field of importing, buying and selling various metal bullions and similar products.

The holding companies of Foolad Ehsan includes:

1. Toseeh va Tejrat Rayiika under the registration number 40092 founded on April, 23, 2011 in Company and Industrial Units Registry Office in Tehran. The major activities of this company are in the fields of commerce, buying and selling computer and digital equipment and digital cameras.

2. Pergas Steel Company under the registration number 412511 founded on September 03, 2011 in Company and Industrial Units Registry Office in Tehran. They are currently working in 2 shifts in a factory with an area of 6000m2 located in Isfahan’s Industrial Development. The major activities of this company are in the fields of steel profiles, rebar, end plate, buying and selling nationally.

3.Zob va Navard Khorasan was founded in 2009 and since then they have been producing beams and other steel products.


Some of the other facilities of this project include:

- 6 Elevators to access commercial-leisure-restaurant spaces and themed park

- 2 freight lifts

- 6 stairways

- 30 escalators

- 2 electrical ramps

- 2 car ramps (with width of over 8 meters) located at different ends of the building which have separate entrance and exit gateways.

- Fire Detector and Extinguisher Systems

Technical and engineering team responsible for construction of this project possesses the highest level of quality, skills and workmanship. Some of the innovative construction technologies used for this project includes concrete frame (for underground floors), steel frame (nuts and bolts for ground and upper floors) Cobiax Ceiling for the concrete framed and metal decking for the steel framed section. According to the construction program and critical path, this project will be completed and delivered between March and September 2015.


In fall 2015, The One Iranian took responsibility for marketing and sales of this unique project.

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Lexon tower (Tehran)

Lexon is a brilliant project in the history of The One Iranian. We consider it as the starting point of conveying modern concepts in branding and premiumizing in high rise buildings. We sincerely hope that different dimensions of branding in the construction industry would be considered in all projects especially high rise buildings.

Lexon, which was primarily named as Sahel-e-Sharghi, is located in the east zone of second ring around Chitgar Lake. The marketing, branding and sales of this project was assigned to The One Iranian in 2014. Tose’eh Abniye Hemmat Co. is the employer of this project Farzad Daliri, the internationally renowned architect; is the exclusive designer.

About Abniyeh-Hemmat Co., the owner and investor of Lexon: 106 shareholders of Tose’eh Abniye Hemmat Co. registered under 424074; consist of a number of experienced managers in the real estate industry along with other successful executives and employees in science and culture fields. This company has valuable experience of construction and delivering in the promised time in investment and construction of various projects in Tehran. Lexon tower, one of the most phenomenal projects of this company, is designed in a land of 5400 square meter with 100,000 square meter of built up area and in 30 stories, concluding 260 office units and 90 residential units.

Combining the “renowned architect” with “suitable location” and “choosing unique ideas” with the help of professional consultancy from The One Iranian, the young and intelligent employer of Lexon was able to put together all pieces of success puzzle in construction industry. The primary idea for commercial floors was “wedding center” which was instantly recognized as the wrong market entry strategy and incorrect positioning by The One Iranian. The financing was planned to be through selling stock sheets to the shareholders and the employers. In that case, the shareholders had two options, they could either get paid in cash in return for their shares or the shares would turn into units of the project with a reasonable price. That is when the urge to premiumize the position of this project was highly felt.

 After conducting extensive opportunity study and performing a comprehensive market research, The One Iranian convinced the employer to temporarily eliminate the wedding center use from their sales and marketing activities, so that the process of positioning would be integrated. Considering the financing method and as a result of deep studies done in the subject of profitability of high rise buildings, the need to premiumize office units of Lexon was highly felt by The One Iranian.

After establishing the position, the process of defining brand identity was started through four pillars: “Location”, “Brand Image”, “Services” and “Performance”.

In the first step of branding, location of the project was carefully examined. This project had great urban access and the proximity to the lake considering Bam Land project which was under construction back then, was counted as a great competitive advantage. This factor was used as a leverage when planning scenarios for marketing negotiations, as The One Iranian believed in this competitive advantage and in the success of Bam Land project. During the negotiations, The One Iranian compared Bam Land to JBR in Dubai and strongly believed that the social livelihood of this region would have an influence on Lexon.

In the branding phase, The One Iranian renamed the project using the clever combination of the words “Lake”, “Zone” and “Luxury” in order to level up the brand image. Designing logo and visual identity as well as a luxury catalogue in accordance with the identity of the project, putting the professionally trained people in the negotiation team and designing the information office are some of the tasks completed in the second phase of branding. One of the main challenges of The One Iranian team was to convince the employer to set a luxury sales office in proximity to the project which was a success. The luxury identity of the project was mirrored in each detail of the sales office. Considering the dominant atmosphere of district 22, this was the first time a project with such quality was defined. The process of marketing was divided into several steps and designed considering the premium position. Hosting private launch events before public announcement such as private launches for actors and artists and horseback riding races are some of the events held for this purpose.

Today the subject of service in high rise buildings is one of the key factors in development, making it an important feature for the buyers. Service in office buildings are of high importance and in order to be provided with quality, the support units are needed to be designed from the first steps of conveying the concept. In Lexon tower, special features and facilities for commercial units, special office, home office and luxury commercials, defining suitable space for shared area, defining hoteling services, etc. are designated by The One Iranian. Designing a win-win payment system with pre-sale contract and payment in accordance with physical progress are some of the other actions done in the third phase that would create trust in the minds of the buyers, providing them with a sense of ease and comfort.

One of the most effective actions in branding is to create a unique performance in accordance with the characteristics and of the target audience, which was brought to Lexon through creating the concept of Home Office for the first time in Iran. A space allocated to small or independence businesses combined with residential space is called Home Office. Home Offices are usually equipped with teleworking systems and communicational facilities mandatory for them. Unlike office buildings, the timing is flexible in these concepts, enabling people to customize their schedules according to their individual plans. Home Office concepts are applicable in all residential units, however; since it’s a novel concept for development of towers and buildings, service and management staffs and units are needed. As for its interior design, a Home Office must have both the facilities of a residential and office buildings. Sometimes the plans are openly designed so that users can divide the space as they wish. Buildings that are planned to be used as Home Office must include lobbies with appropriate facilities and service units such as dry cleaning, supermarket, catering, taxi, etc. Similar to the concept of Home Office, Officetel is very popular in South Korea, which refers to the mixed-use buildings with both residential and commercial units. Confining urban transportation, Officetel is a popular concept enabling people to work and live in the same building. Therefore, the residents are mostly lawyers, accountants, auditors, teachers and all professions related to education and teaching and artists. After a series of comprehensive market research, The One Iranian offered the Home Office use as the main tool to premiumize Lexon tower and convinced the employer to execute this idea. Thus, the concept of premium office building was applied for the first time in Iran, inspiring many similar projects in the future.

The case study of Lexon was taught at the high rise building conference, highlighted as the chosen workshop in finance and economic section. The article regarding Lexon project was printed in the official conference pamphlet, available for everyone to study and learn from.

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